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04/18/2007: "Show in September a Go!"

So, I just got off the phone with the gallery manager at Annie Kaill's and she said that she would like to offer me a show! I'll be sharing the First Friday opening for September most likely with Devita Writer.

I swore I'd never do another two person show after my last one with Charity Green. She displayed mellow dark toned and moody paintings of fishing boats that sold like hot cakes while my two-d, psychedelic nippled, nudes hung sadly neglected on the opposing wall.

My ego was totally bruised that night…and I probably lost my chance to exhibit at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council gallery recently when I refused to exhibit with anyone else. However…I *really* want to have a chance to show my work at Annie Kaill’s. I’ve spent a lot of money in there over the years and I think my work (once I get started on it) will be a great fit there.

The other reason why I’m not that bummed about sharing an opening is that it takes off some of the "solo" pressure. I’ll be working on these new paintings over the summer and now I can get by with 10 new pieces as opposed to 20. That’s probably a good thing, especially since I'll also be working on the paintings for Michael Modzelewski's new novella "North Through Paradise"...which need to be finished by the end of summer....not to mention the book cover for the newest edition of Kathy Conner's Roadside Geology of Alaska. Yikes!

I better get going to buy canvas and start painting…I guess I’ll have to miss the gathering at the yacht club tonight. They’re having a “sail measuring” party to set the handicaps for the upcoming racing season and Aaron wanted me to take both of our sails in since he had to work tonight.

Oh well, I think he'll understand if I skip this time around...

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