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04/22/2007: "Drippity Do Dah!"

This weekend I ordered all of the materials I'll need for the show in September and I feel very excited for them to arrive. I've been doing lots of mental sketches of how I'd like this new show to look, the works will be smaller for one thing...due in part to the space I'll be alloted.

I'm planning to do around 15 sized 9"x12", 12"x12", 11"x14", and 12"x16".

The weather has been awe inspiring lately, despite the fact that I came down with the 10-day crud again (the stuff that ruined my Spring Break)...the sun feels great on my runny nose!

I took a walk down to my boat this afternoon to get out of the house for awhile and walking down the ramp I got a whiff of salt water and boat fumes combined with sea weed and wood smoke from a beach bonfire. It was so overwhelming (in a good way).

The sun was shining on the snow covered mountains, several ravens were chasing an eagle around and a golden retriever trotted past me and I swear he gave me a smile. Anyway, I just had this moment of complete joy. I felt it in every fiber of my being. It was the absolute certainty of knowing I was exactly where I wanted to be in life.

I took a nice sunny nap in the cabin of my sailboat while Aaron worked on our outboards. Have I mentioned lately what a great guy he is?

Now I'm home coughing up a storm and dripping all over everything. This crud is the worst know how it feels when your eyes get so watery you can't read and you can't even watch TV? That's how I feel. But at least it's sunny, and I'm in Alaska which is the only place I want to be...drips and all.

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on Monday, April 23rd, marja-leena said

In spite of your cold, you seem to be energetic and busy and happy! Take care, get better quick and have fun with the paintings.

on Wednesday, April 25th,">SB said

I'm glad that in the end you decided to stay, last year or whenever it was you almost left! :)

on Friday, April 27th, Kasia said

Alaska is in your veins. I can feel that from far away:) So sorry for your cold. Try some hot beer with honey:)

on Friday, April 27th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena...thanks for the good wishes, I'm not feeling *that* energetic but I am happy....I'll feel even happier once I actually start painting!

And SB, I am soooo glad that I decided to stay! I hear that we had another close encounter btw? Next time you're in Juneau you'll have to stop by the library and say hello!

And and honey? Yucky! But I'll take your word for it.
Hope you're enjoying your Polish Spring without sans cold.

on Saturday, April 28th, Kasia said

Fortunately no cold this time.:) And our spring is really great. I'll post some photos on my blog and I'll let you know. :) How about some spring photos of Alaska? :rolleyes:

on Wednesday, May 2nd, Elise said

Hey Kasia,
I'll try to post some new pictures soon. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for San Diego so it probably won't be until I get back.