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05/05/2007: "Hello from Sunny San Diego"

Well, i've just come back from a long bike ride along the San Diego Coast and it was very beautiful. I'm here for a conference but the conference is over and now there's time to play. It's Cinco De Mayo and there are teenagers and people in their early 20s everywhere, totally wasted and as I cycled along I overheard some of the most disrespectful things being said about members of the opposite sex. I felt like the oldest, and soberest person within a 100 mile radius.

I got to spend a summer in southern California (Oceanside and Carlsbad) the summer before my senior year of high school. It was one of the most memorable summers of my life. My oldest sister Diane and I stayed with my aunt and uncle and worked in Oceanside mall. Everynight we hung out at bon fires along the beach. We swam and played beach volleyball and took day trips into Mexico. We met all kinds of interesting people from all over the US and we basically had very little supervision. We were in heaven!

I always thought that I'd move back to the area after high school graduation but it was not meant to be. Still, being here now things seem very much the way I remembered them. That so often isn't the case. You return and everything seems smaller, or more developed or not as special. But riding my bike along the beach tonight among the throngs of bikini clad hard bodies it seemed almost exactly the same. I, on the other hand, am completely changed. I may not be as young (or hard bodied anymore) but I'm just as happy as I was back then. And just as full of wonder at how beautiful the world is, and how exciting.

I got an email today and now (in addition to the show in September) I'm going to be able to show my work at the Canvas Gallery (also in downtown Juneau) next July. That is a wonderful time to have a show in downtown Juneau so I'm very happy. I think I'll start painting just as soon as i get home...where my honey is waiting for me. That's better than being 17 again, better than all the sun in California!

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on Saturday, May 5th, Dad said

very little supervision huh :angry:

on Sunday, May 6th, Kasia said

Well I have very few associations with California: sun, beach, blonde slim girls, blonde slim tanned guys, surfing, being verrry fit. I'd love to go there one day to see the landscapes but this California style just scares me. It is so differnet from Alaska style, right? :confused:

on Sunday, May 6th, greg said

That sounds like a very cool trip ... both times! :cool:

Cal is the only corner of the US I've never lived, and never wanted to ... until getting more into CG, now one might think it's destined. But I always said Cal musta been paradise 50 yrs ago: the perfect climate!

I always did wonder what San Diego was like ... did hear bad things about the art scene. Would you recommend living there, to a "friend"?

Y'know, speaking of styles - your colors always reminded me of California ... Hawaii too, now that I mention it ... I bet you'd paint some awesome nekkid wahines shootin' tha pipeline at north shore!:D

I thereby muse that you have an awesome hybrid style, combining warm colors with cool locations! so there! That's great news about your show - have FUNNN!(hey that's also peak season for the cruise ships! make sure you sneak some bears and eagles into the corners of your canvas) haha

on Tuesday, May 8th, Elise said

Hi know we were perfect angels...even without a lot of supervision...right?
And Kasia...sun, beach, blonde slim guys and girls...that's the California style all right, and I *do* prefer Alaskan style though it was very fun to visit.

And Hi Greg, I don't think I'd recommend living there these days, the prices of renting or owning a home are outrageous...and I was in a lovely part of the city near mission beach with million dollar beach bungalos etc. The whole city isn't that glamorous...but I guess a lot of people want to live there or it wouldn't be so expensive right? I'm just too fair skinned. Even though I reapplied 50 SPF sun screen multiple times and wore a hat and long sleave shirt with pants...I STILL managed to get a sun burn!
And I think my love of wild colors grew while I lived in Hawaii during graduate school...and I know I crave the warm colors in my cool blue/green clime.

Now, I really do need to start painting very very soon!

on Wednesday, May 9th, Joan said

It is so fabulous to walk away from an experience being inspired, not jut wanting more. Congrats and more joy to you.

on Thursday, May 10th, Elise said

So true Joan, and thanks, back atcha!