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05/18/2007: "Take a deeeeeep breath"

Aaron is "officially" moving in at the end of the month.

YEAH! We're having a big garage sale on May 28th to try and sell as much of our collective surplus as possible. Holding a moving sale is a lot more work than I thought and we're running out of time. I've been feeling a bit stressed out lately, seems our To Do list is growing exponentially with every passing day. I also worry a little because I *still* haven't started painting (panic ensues), and in general, painting can transform me into an entirely different person. A person my current BF hasn’t really even met yet.


I mean, I don’t grow a forked tale or turn into a raving lunatic, but I tend to get really…let’s just call it “focused”. Plus, I'm conceding that I need a studio space with an actual door, so, that will take some planning and rearranging.

But not tonight; tonight there is packing and cleaning up the house for the kitty sitters….and grilling. It is GORGEOUS outside. Even though it’s only 55 degrees, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. I’ll have to pack the new kite!

"Pack for where?" you ask.

Aaron and I are off to Gustavus for the weekend!

Yeah! It's such a great little community and I really enjoy his family. I'm going to take my camera and take lots of photos. I've decided to start carrying it around with me all the time like I used to when I first got it.


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on Saturday, May 19th, RR said

Hi Elise, sounds like your life has moved on a pace or two since I last dropped by (BF moving in - Fantastic). Really sounds like things are going well. I got a new camera phone and carry it with me all the time. Although the blog isn't going, I still use Flickr and I wouldn't be without some sort of camera. Have a great weekend.

on Sunday, May 20th, Kasia said

Have a great time in Gustavus! Will we be able to see aome photos? moving in:) This is a serious but very rewarding decision. ;)

on Monday, May 21st, Elise said

Hi RR,
Long time! Is there a way for me to get to your photos in Flickr? I'd really like to check them out.

Do you miss blogging at all?

How's the newest new job going?

And Kasia, I forgot my camera (overslept) so no photos from Gustavus, though it was beautiful and relaxing in the way that most people probably dream of Alaska being.

And I think the BF moving in *will* be a very rewarding decision.