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10/31/2007: "Happy Halloween!"

The University of Alaska Southeast, (where I work) *really* get's into Halloween. Each year departments compete to see who can come up with the best overall theme, the best decorated department, and the best departmental costumes. Each year the library (where I work) loses, but we still have fun.

elise-paints-lana-07 (48k image)

The library's theme this year was to coincide with the International Polar Year and raise awareness of Climate Change. We decorated the North and South Poles. Above I am doing the facepainting for one of my co-workers who was a starving polar bear.

library-halloween-07 (56k image)

This is a photo of me with my co-workers. I'm the one in the very front!

maren-cat-halloween-07 (44k image)

I also painted my friend Maren's face this year for a costume party. MEOW!

cannibal-pumpkin-07 (48k image)

And tonight, for the big event, I carved pumpkins for the porch, though we tend to get very few trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood especially since the neighborhood trick-or-treat party was already held on Saturday.
I'm still holding my breath that we may get one or two brave souls.

In other news, Aaron and Rob and I went and saw 30 Days of Night for the Sat. late show. I thought it was really scary and fun but Aaron thought it was corny and I got the feeling that Rob was only saying it was "kinda good" to make me feel better. It had some obvious plot holes, like the whole town of Barrow (Alaska) was cut off for 30 days because planes obviously can't fly in the dark! And no one noticed that they hadn't heard from anyone there in 30 days! And actually it's dark there for over 2 months, but who's counting!

Anyway, you don't go to VAMPIRE movies to nit pick, am I right???

After the movie we walked around downtown Juneau looking checking out all the costumes. We were joking about how all the women's costumes were "sexy"...I never got that concept. In high school and college I always dressed up like zombies or some other scary, nasty monster. Rob sent me this link to a funny commercial for women's costumes that really nails it!.

So, what's the verdict? Do you still love Halloween as much as I do???

Replies: 9 Comments

on Thursday, November 1st, Maren said

YAY! I made the blog :-)

on Thursday, November 1st, Elise said

You promised me a photo of you in your full costume...what up?

on Thursday, November 1st,">julie said

I did the big pumpkin eating a little pumpkin too... ! I will send you a picture later:) Love how into Halloween you are, I love it too :D

on Thursday, November 1st,">Rob Roys said

I gave it a 3 star rating at netflix.

on Thursday, November 1st, Elise said

Hi Julie, please do send me a picture...I saw the pumpkin cannibal in a book at Fredy Myer and loved it!

And Rob, 3 stars is a very fair and balanced review!

on Friday, November 2nd, Brian said

If you want to see a good scary movie set in Alaska, check out "The Last Winter" at the Nickelodeon this weekend. Vengeance belongs to Mother Nature!

on Friday, November 2nd, Rod said

I totally agree with the 'Sexy' comment! I went to a costume party and before we got there we took bets as to how many Pirates, kitty Cats, and sexy sluts there would be.
Sexy sluts won by a landslide.
College town. Duh.

on Saturday, November 3rd, Elise said

Hey Brian, Rob and I ended up seeing "The Last Winter" tonight and it was excellent. Really scary in a way that hit a little too close to home.
And Rod, don't act like you didn't LOVE it!

on Sunday, November 4th, berry connell said

Yes, Halloween is a fun ride, to be sure.
I suppose you had extra fun painting folks. I'm sure that I wouldn't have been able to contain m'self fer that sort of event. The latest "line" I've been using:
Hey, I'de love to paint you nude, but, I'm sure the brush will tickle.

Still no dates with that one. :D

My roomie has a Halloween party every year....folks are always on him to have it on the week-end prior or post, but, we hang in there with the 31st.
I went as a skeleton this year. I have an eight inch skeleton that I fasten to the back of my hat.
(usually I tell folks that the house I live in is so old, we use skeleton keys for it, and then I pull out the skeleton...)

Anyway, only three folks showed up.
Well, two, but, the one guy had his brother drive him, so we had a newcomer there.