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12/24/2007: "Taking stock"

So, yesterday was my birthday! I'm 38...two years away from 40. Which feels weird to me because I still feel so young and yet really, I'm not. Young-ish, maybe...but not young.

The thing is, my life has turned out even better than what I'd hoped for growing up. Maybe I'm not a rock-star in the art world, but I have time and space to paint what I want without any market pressures.

And I thought that I wanted to stay single forever, and yet I've stumbled into the best relationship of my life with a man I love more and more everyday!

I don't make a ton of money, but I enjoy my job and the people I work with. What I do is important in its own small way.

I used to think that fame and fortune were in my destiny, but now that doesn't even appeal to me. I have everything I need.

Now, my life isn't perfect. I still can't seem to get over my back injury, and I've been hit twice by the foulest stomach virus I've had the pleasure of hosting in years! The second time I came down ill was on the day of my flight home for christmas, which I ended up missing so now I'm in Juneau instead of Nebraska for the holidays. I am sad, I'll miss my family very much. In another way, it's nice to not have to travel.

I've checked out a ton of great books and mags from the public library and I plan to be very very lazy.

I also plan to paint. Now, I'm basically *always* planning to paint, so whether or not it happens it's still fun to make plans. The other thing, I'm getting into jewelry making. I'm taking a class in a couple weeks on working with precious metals clay. I can't wait!

So, Happy Holidays to all! And if this holiday season has you feeling down and like your life is less than what you hoped for, remember that it can always turn around. Anyone who's been reading this blog knows that mine sure has.

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on Monday, December 24th, dad said

since your not ansewering your phone, Happy B-day, and MERRY CHRISTMASS. your gift will follow in the

US MAIL AS SOON AS i can get it mailed lov Dad :laugh:

on Tuesday, December 25th, Joan said

What a coincidence - we missed getting back to O'Neill due to a stomach virus as well! So we're spending a quite day with puzzles, music and a fireplace.

I remember the big lolly pops your mom made for your birthday - caramel? I just had a flash back to elementary school - I can even smell it. Oh, totally off subject, Miss Shoemaker of first grade? Well she has come to my run for a couple of years now. I always introduce her as Miss Shoemaker even though she's not anymore. Enough for memory lane.

Your life sure has taken a change this year. I'm glad you are feeling so happy. Merry Christmas to you, Elise.

Peace to you,

on Tuesday, December 25th, Judy Vars said

:)You sound grateful keep it up talented people need to feel a little humble. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Judy V.

on Wednesday, December 26th, Lucy Arnold said

Happy belated birthday and merry christmas. We are on Christmas break so I had some time to catch up with your life. I am happy for you.

on Tuesday, January 1st, subi said

oh and Happy Bird-day love!

on Tuesday, January 1st, RR said

Happy belated birthday Elise and I hope the festive season was good. Also hope you're over the virus. Your words are, as always, very inspiring. Thank you.

on Wednesday, January 2nd, copepod said

Happy post-birthday. "Randomly" found your site. Fun to read/look through. I like your landscapes most. Hope you have a great New Year from one artist to another. Alaska sounds lovely - maybe one day my boyfriend and I will make it out there - away from the insanity that is NYC. :satisfied:

Keep painting no matter what. Though I'll occasionally take breaks, making music is a ferocious addiction - I just can't seem to stop. Though it's unlikely you're into electronic music, if you're willing to give a short listen, my bets would be on 'Mourning Innocence' and 'Waterbreaker'. All the best and thanks.

on Sunday, January 6th, onahon said

happy way belated b-day. i like the place you're inhabiting. can't way to see you again.

on Tuesday, January 8th, Shea said

I really miss Alaska.

on Wednesday, January 9th, Paul said

Hi Elise!
what a wonderful site you have. I came upon it by accident but , WOW i love it i cant say enough good about it, simply wonderful.
Dont worry life is an adventure and we all are on this ride together I dont know you but, the vibe i get says one word " beautiful" as in the type of person you come across as. I believe that i am destined to move to Alaska in the future, the near future. I currently reside in northeast Pennsylvania with my wife and 2 children i am a very young thinking 50 yrs. old (ugh) lmao! Please contact me via the email address...would love to talk with you.
Thanks for your time , and great going!

on Wednesday, January 9th,">Paul said

Hi Elise,
I guess it would be a good idea to include my email add. it is"> This is for the above comment . Thanks again....Paul