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04/03/2008: "My Belly is Still Laughing"

Today I found an old message sent by a friend of mine from grad school in Hawaii. The message was years old and sent right before she left to do field research in Palau. I thought there was probably no chance she'd be at the same address but sent off a quick email just in case.

I heard back from her almost immediately. Then tonight we talked and laughed for hours...until my stomach hurt. It was as though no time had passed at all.

With some friends, we might fall out of daily contact from time to time, but at our cores we're the same and the connection never goes away. You know?

So, I want to send a shout out to all my Belly Laughing cohorts! What would I ever do without you???

And speaking of laughing, my laugh is really loud. Sometimes people come up to me and ask "were you at the seven o'clock showing of "X"...I thought I recognized your laugh!"...but it's good for our health so why not really let loose? That's yet another thing I love about my honey, he makes me laugh...we can be total dorks with each other.

As we get older, everything seems to get so serious. I love being silly and love people who will be silly with me. I think that's something most of my friends have in common with me. So, a challenge to all of you out there...release your inner dorks!

laughing (118k image)

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on Friday, April 4th,">berry dingle said

Was that you at Schindler's List? Was that you in the back during Hotel Rawanda?

And was it you were saying about Scent of a Women? "Why is that blind man crossing the street? Come back blind man! Slow down!"

on Friday, April 4th, greg of seattle said

Hi Elise! Wow such a perfecto segoowae for me to pop back over and say "HIYA!" It's been a long strange trip, but happy to see your smiling laughter again. You made the final comment on my old blog last year, which was very timely and profound, and I appreciate(d) it! You've always been an inspiration, and I cant wait to peek around and see what you've been up to in these many months! I'm sure you've been up to beauty and last-minute before-show painting marathons per usual ;)
Hope all has been well ...
ciao bella!

on Friday, April 4th, greg said

ha - I so nailed it! Good luck on the upcoming show, but special congrats 'pon forthcoming nuptials!! Not sure what a nuptial is exactly, but enjoy nonetheless! :D

on Friday, April 4th, Elise Tomlinson said

Hey Mr. Dingle,
that *was* me during Hotel Rawanda, (but not Schindler's List)...and scent of a what? Ewww...

I'm bummed you won't be coming for the nuptials...
And Greg!
Hey, long time no hear, and *nailed* it! Also made me reflect on the number of pieces I've made in the past year and it's not that impressive...but I'll get there.

I'll have to stop by and visit you at your new site.


on Friday, April 4th, Juneau Eco Mommie said

Sorry, you probably hate these, but I tagged you on my blog. Have a fun weekend, paint away!

on Sunday, April 6th, berry connell said

Well, OK.

It's washed over us like an unstoppable river. A six word meme (I dunno why they call it that...) (I mean, sounds like yer ready to sing or something.)
A six word sentence that could be the basis of a memoir of your life. There are abundant examples at m'blog due to the more complex version I just finished doing.

How might this be interesting to you?
Two things, actually.
#1, if you can come up with a six word basis for a memoir about you, you'll be able to slim and trim any artist's staement inthe future.
#2 the picture I chose for the secon meme is somewhat graphic, but, it comes from a historical point of view of one of the world's most famous painters.

(Wait. Did I remember to tell you it's six words AND a picture? Yeah...)

Anyway, the answer
(heck no I ain't telling )
is found by scrolling down to the answer.
Yeah...of course I'll say who it is, and
I've included the picture.
Hey, this sometimes stumps folks who have
been around art alot.

on Monday, April 7th, subi said

so sweet!

on Tuesday, April 8th, Elise said

I don't have time for tag right at the moment but I will!!!

And Berry, same...but I will!!!

And subi...yes, it is isn't it!
ooooh, I sooo hope you can come here this summer!

on Friday, April 11th, subi said

remember the play we once attended and one of the ushers was like, this was the best night audience wise...she then suggested we get paid to attend performances because we were able to 'let' the audience relax and laugh (ummm laughing loud and belly-like!)