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04/17/2008: "Crashing down"

OMG! I just got an email petition to keep Costa Rican artist Guillermo Vargas Habacuc out of the Bienal Centroamericana Honduras where he's been asked to *repeat* his "installation art" where he allegedly starved a dog to death! It made me feel sick to my stomach!

Now, I'm a researcher so I had to verify the accusations made in the online petition and a couple of the articles, like the one below from the Guardian (reliable source), call into question whether the animal actually starved to death, but just the idea that it could have happened makes me feel soooo angry.

Outrage at 'starvation' of a stray dog for art.

In personal news, I contacted the gallery manager yesterday and she is willing to replace me with another artist for July. After I sent her the email (yes, I know I should have phoned but I still have a sort-of phone phobia) I had a good cry. Then she contacted me a bit later to say she thinks she's already found another artist...I felt jealous and regretful. But also just a tiny bit relieved (truth be told). That gallery is booked up for solos until the end of 2010, or so I've been told...and it's the best place in town to show so someone is getting a lucky break.

Also, it's April 17th and we just got 6 inches of snow this morning! And yesterday an avalanche knocked out our hydro power. That means our rates are going to skyrocket...up from .11 cents to .54 cents per kilowatt hour!

electriccostmap2 (38k image)

We were already trying to conserve energy by using compact fluorescent lighting and buying energy efficient appliances etc. but now we're going to have to be even more vigilant!

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on Thursday, April 17th, Mary said

Hi Elise,
I stumbled across your website while doing some research on Alaska, my husband & I will be visiting this summer for the first time! As a fellow artist I feel your pain, I'm technically a graphic designer but "used to be" a fine artist, I dabble in whatever I can these days but I know how frustrating it can be to juggle so many aspects of your life all at the same time. And sorry to hear about the avalanche, it sounds like a disaster, can the gov step in to share some of the cost??

on Thursday, April 17th, Elise said

Hi Mary,
thanks for writing and good luck with your visit this summer, Alaska (the entire state) is amazing in the summer!

As for the gov stepping in to share cost, unlikely. Juneau is now paying what many Bush communities pay sans disaster and an unrelated energy assistance bill was rejected by state house and senate.
It will be a major inconvenience for me and mine, but for some people in this community who are already barely scraping by, it will be devastating.

on Sunday, April 20th, Mary said

Hi Elise, I'm not familiar with the "Bush communities" in your area, I'm so far left on the political swing I really can't relate with most politics. But I do think the gov should step in and provide help to people that can't handle this catastrophe, ie students, poor, etc... You're a really great painter by the way, I respect all you have done.
You're an inspiration :)