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04/24/2008: "Sunshine of the spotless living room"

The beautiful weather continues. Everyday I'm out on the trails enjoying the sun. It's crazy here when the weather is nice, *everyone* is outside and a little manic. But after a week or so of of it, people start getting warn out. I'm not at that point yet...I'm still sucking it all in.

I'm taking tomorrow off, possibly to go for the first sail of the season (if all goes well). Tonight (after the sun goes down) I'm going to do some deep cleaning to get ready for the weekend. Isn't it wonderful going into the weekend with everything clean and sweet smelling?

All of my deep cleaning will be without the assistance of modern machinery though. The "energy crisis" continue in Juneau. People are taking some pretty extreme measures to save on electricity but when your energy bill goes up 500% overnight, that will happen!

In other news, I've been thinking of a lot of new images and getting exited to paint again; I have to remind myself that just because the July show is canceled, I still have the Dec. show to work for...and even if I didn't have any shows, I can and should still be painting...just as soon as the sun goes down...and after I clean my living room.

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on Friday, April 25th, berry connell said

two years ago we got hit with a tremendous ice storm.
Several lines went down, and we, being on a spur line, had nearly a week to wait on electricity.


We always have [plenty of candles, so, over the course of the week, both of us caught up on tons of good reading.
Of course, daytime was for painting.
As for cooking, the big ol' wood burner in the middle of the living room became both the warmth and the cooking stove for the time.
Never did figure out how to make decent biscuits, but, for cornbread, chicken, pork shoulder steaks, (mmmmmm) beans, corn, oh, dang!
I'm getting hungry just thinking of it.
Texas Chili, Ham and beans, meatballs in marinara sauce and noodles...
Dang! I gotta go make some lunch!

(nervous about tonight.....)


on Sunday, April 27th, Erin "juneau eco mommie" said

I finally made it here and got a day or two of the perfect weather. Now it rains, but I am SOO glad to finally be here :hehe:

on Wednesday, April 30th, Elise said

Hi Berry,
I'm not sure why my comments don't seem to be working lately, I had already wished you luck on your show! I will check out your site today to see how it went.

And welcome to Juneau Erin!!! I'm so happy you arrived safely!

on Wednesday, May 7th, berry connell said

dang! What's all that stuff?
I ain't touching that with a ten foot keypad!

So, it sounds like you've given up painting for a while.
Well, I suppose with the wedding coming up and all, it's called for to take a break.

My two shows went less spectacularly han i thought they would.
Had only a few hundred fplks come through the April Show, I sold only twelve or so pix.