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06/02/2008: "Feeling my age..."

After college I started taking ceramics classes and became seriously addicted to clay and if it weren’t for my arthritis (started in early 20s) I’d probably have a wheel and kiln set-up at home today.

For years I’ve had several kitchen cabinets full of funky hand-made mugs and bowls from those days, some my own and many from friends etc but each with a memory attached. The only problem with my collection is that they’d become decorative only. Neither my honey nor I ever used them and we have a wee little kitchen with no room to spare. So, this weekend I sold all my treasured hand-made ceramics for .10 cents each at our garage sale! The cool thing is that the majority were bought by a young woman who acted like she’d just won the lottery; that made me feel great.

But letting go was hard. It almost felt like letting go of that “image” of myself as a young, funky artist…for I am neither so young nor so funky anymore.

Later we took our garage sale earnings to celebrate at the Island Pub where a great band was playing. The crowd was *much* younger than usual, they were all texting and snapping cell-phone photos and videos of each other throughout the performance and again, I was feeling OLD.

But then towards the end of the night, a woman (in her 60s) went out with a younger woman and started dancing with such enthusiasm and joy, it was amazing. Soon tables were cleared and a whole assortment of people (young and old alike) began dancing…including my honey and I. We had so much fun, and I guess I realized that you’re only as old as you *allow yourself* to feel.

Which reminds me of a funny Woody Allen quote: "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."

In totally unrelated news, in our local paper is a touching story about a tour boat skipper attempting to rescue an orphaned baby goat. Enjoy!

Replies: 4 Comments

on Tuesday, June 3rd, AL said

Hooray! The goat was saved! And what a cute little goat she is!

on Wednesday, June 4th, Elise said

Yes, "Boundy" has been saved.


on Wednesday, June 4th, berry connell said

so, from the movie Funny Bones, with Oliver Platt and Lee Evans, a psychiatrist is asking Lee Evans, "....have you lived in Blackpool all your life?"

"not yet,"

on Friday, June 13th, greg said

Well yer still funky and young in my mind. Wow! somebody scored an entire collection of original ET ceramics!!!??? Hopefully you'll live long enough to see them worth thousands on Antiques Roadshow 2050! :D