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06/29/2008: "A Word from the Undead"

I've been sick for a week and a half now and I'm STILL sick. What gives? My sweetie rented a bunch of zombie movies for me during my convalescence but I was so nauseated that I couldn't even watch most of them.
Plus, I had a ton of things I'd wanted to get done as there are only 2 weekends left before the wedding, but alas, I haven't been able to do anything.

Aaron has taken very good care of me though. I used to be very happy as a Singleton, it's true, except for when I'd get sick. There is nothing so horrid (imho) as being alone when you're really sick and helpless.

Anyway, to respond to a couple questions I received in comments in my last is a link to my wedding dress (no peaking Aaron!). This store was great, I didn't take measurements and I had to send two dresses back and they were super helpful and freindly about the whole thing.

I was going to keep the way too small dress and try to lose weight to squeeze into it in time, but I realized that would stress me out too much. So instead I ordered a size way too big because it was the only size close to mine they had in stock. So, Aaron's mom is going to take it in for me. Right now it hangs almost to my ankles and is massive BUT it is also totally adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it (Plus I can eat whatever I want!).

Another question we've been getting *a lot* is if we're registered anywhere. We debated that quite a bit. I have this weird anti-registering thing. It seems so strange to me to tell people what presents to buy you. I know that if you don't, you can end up with 10 toasters, and I've never minded when friends have been registered places, it's just a personal weirdness of mine. Not that I don't LOVE getting presents, because I do. I mean, it's one of my favorite things ever!

The thing is, we pretty much have everything we really need already. I mean, we have some big ticket items (like, we're absolutely dying to buy a wood stove since electricity here can be iffy at times and oil has gone up a bagillion dollars per gallon) but that's not really the kind of present you can register for!

So, we are refusing gifts from people flying in from out of town because getting here is crazy expensive and their coming to the wedding is present enough. For people in town, they can bring a pot-luck item to the wedding as their gift or just come and not worry about it. We also gave people the option of making a *small* contribution to our honeymoon and we've started a savings account for it. We've never really been on a vacation together except to Anchorage and Gustavus. So, going to Hawaii for a week is going to be a huge deal for us!

Since we're using frequent flyer miles for the tickets there, and we have a free place to stay, if we have anything left over afterwards we're going to buy this wood stove! A girl can dream!

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on Sunday, June 29th, dad said

Awood stove in July come-on :D I KNOW winter is around the cornor. :)

on Sunday, June 29th, Kasia said

:) The dress is absolutely lovely!!! You are gonna look like a fairy! And I know the rush between the wedding is crazy. (Ha, I have been happily married for 6 months now and that's why I have been so busy and didn't have time to do anything besides being happy) Anyway, could you send mi your home address at my email? I'd like to send you something as a little wedding gift from Poland. I have an idea. :) :hehe:

on Sunday, June 29th, Elise said

Hey dad, it's COLD here right now...and yes, winter is right around the corner.
thanks for depressing me!
And Kasia, Congratulations!
I didn't realize you got married! You must email me some wedding photos! I'm so happy that it went well and that you're so happy being married.

And, I would *love* a little wedding gift from Poland, how exciting! My address is 309 D Street
Douglas, Alaska 99824

email me your mailing address and I'll send you a little wedding present from Alaska!
elise (underscore) tomlinson @

on Monday, June 30th, dad said

sorry don't mean to rub it in but but here in
Texsas, it's in the high 90's. :O

on Monday, June 30th, subi said

I am really heartbroken that I can't attend. Love and well wishes to all. You will look so beautiful in that dress!

on Tuesday, July 1st, Lucy said

Elise, I love the dress. My daughter's name is Tessa so I think it's twice as nice. You will look beautiful and I hope that you have a wonderful wedding day.
Love you,

on Tuesday, July 1st, AL said

Hi Elise! Hope you are feeling better. The wedding dress is lovely! I know you have a lot on your mind, but you must be sooooo excited! Will you take your honeymoon right after your wedding?