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08/22/2008: "Welcome Back"

Wednesday was the Chancellor's welcome back BBQ here at the University of Alaska Southeast (best place to go to college *ever*)...

Last night my friend Cody Bennett's Facebook feed had photos from the BBQ and I found these two of my honey in a drumming circle. Aaron had stayed a little longer than I did yet never mentioned the dancing to me! Anyway, I liked the photos so I thought I'd share even though he had reservations about being seen with a Raven drum when his adopted Tlingit family is of the Eagle moiety.

aaron-drumming2 (47k image)

aaron-drumming (62k image)

In other news, I'M PAINTING AGAIN! Yes folks, that's right...actually painting! It feels wonderful. Also, Patrick McGonagal the AWESOME photographer who took our wedding photos, is back from Mexico and we picked up the DVD yesterday.

The shots are incredible. He did amazing work and I can't wait to post some here this weekend. It was such a fun wedding. I wish you all could have been there with us to celebrate the big day. Being married is a lot nicer than I ever imagined.

Speaking of which, at the Welcome Back BBQ a woman I'd never met who works at the university came up to me and asked me about fantasexuality, something I wrote about on my 100 things about me page:

"My gay best friend Rick and I coined a phrase to describe ourselves in college ' fantasexuals”. Fantasexulas are people who hold long-term, meaningful relationships with people who do not know they exist. Now he's in a healthy long-term relationship but I'm still going strong... Fantasexuals unite and take over!"

It's funny, because (embarrassed as I was by the exchange) it made me go back and read my list again, I hadn't updated it since November 20th 2006...I had already removed several items from the list (notice the gaps in numbering) but even still, I feel so different today than I did even a couple years ago.

Oh, another blog related note. During our faculty convocation the new Dean of Arts and Sciences came and sat next to me. Since I'd never met him, I said "hi, my name's Elise" and he said "Tomlinson, right?"...and I thought maybe he'd heard about my great efforts on campus but no, he had read my blog prior to accepting the position in Juneau! He seems like a great guy but it was a little reminder that when we choose to "share" we don't really know who is out there on the receiving end.

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on Friday, August 22nd, Patrick said


Glad you liked the photos! It was fun taking them. :)

on Monday, August 25th, Kasia said

hey, did you get my book? I wrote you an email, but I am not sure if your address is still working. Anyway, great post. I guess we all feel different than even 2 years ago. That's sad and beautiful at the same time. And blogging helps to actually SEE the growth. :)

on Thursday, August 28th, subi said

the best part of the fantasexual relationship description is..."who hold long-term, meaningful relationships with people who do not know they exist" (finger to cheek, hmmm) :confused:

on Thursday, August 28th, berry connell said

In other news, I'M PAINTING AGAIN! Yes folks, that's right...actually painting! It feels wonderful.
and then blah blah blah

(well, I do, but...)


So am I!
Fell into some darkspace between my ears and only just figured out how to climb out!
And, how does one climb out?

Just start.

on Thursday, August 28th, Elise said

Hi Pat! "like" does not even cover it, I LOVE them! I just can't get over how BIG I've gotten.
But the camera adds 40 pounds right?

And Kasia, I never got anything from Poland. I kept checking the mail but nothing so far. How long ago did you send it?

Anyway, thank you for the effort!

And Subi, my relationship with "finger to cheek" wasn't exactly "fantasexual" the beginning anyway.

And Berry, I'm glad that you've climbed out of the darkspace between your ears...painting can really help with that!

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on Sunday, August 31st, subi said

just teasing...i actually remember when you were fantasexualizing, fur real. hope you and new hubby are well!!! i start my new job today!!! and that means more $ and maybe a visit someday to Ak!!! so, whaddyya think about Sarah Palin? and all the new gossip about the 'fake' pregnancy?