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09/13/2008: "New Paintings"

OK, these are the only beginnings...first drafts...I'm just painting whatever I want for awhile. Not worrying about it too much. And it's FUN!!!

mountain-trail-alaska (40k image)

mountain-late-autumn-alaska (47k image)

blowing-dandilions (114k image)

harajuku-girl (36k image)

happy-groom-painting (109k image)
This painting is based on an awesome photograph by Patrick McGonegal!

wild-alaska-cotton (115k image)

Replies: 11 Comments

on Sunday, September 14th, Kasia said

The Japanese woman looks terrific. And scary. Is Japan culture/ tradition/ look a new field for you? That would be interesting.
I like you painting a lot - they make me smile, they make me think, dream and stop for a while. :)

on Sunday, September 14th, Elise said

Hi Kasia...did you read my comment on the previous post? Where I thanked you for the book of Polish paintings? It is fantastic! That was sooooo sweet of you. Aaron spent a looong time looking through it as well, we both think it's great.

As for the new paintings, the woman is a young "Harajuku Girl" from Japan, it's an area that's come to represent a certain fashion trend. Lots of bright colored hair, color contacts, face painting, feather eye lashes...etc. I've become kind of obsessed with them. I want to do a whole series on them but I only have photographs from other people to work with, so I have to change them enough that I retain the concept of Harajuku, without actually copying someone else's photograph. It's a balance.

The one posted above isn't finished yet. I may add real rhinestones and feather lashes around her eyes.

I want the other women at the library where I work to dress up like Harajuku girls as well, for Halloween. I do facepainting and I have a bag of feathers to do people's lashes. I'm such a dork!

on Sunday, September 14th, berry connell said

OK, wait a sec....let's see if my powers of observation still work, at least a little bit....

The picture that stands out as different?
(well....I'm going from memory, so....)

I've seen you do landscapes sans people before.
I've seen you dwelve into exotic before.
The last, the woman with the sheet almost covering her has other connections to your paintings.
Guy in a tux!

on Sunday, September 14th, DHT said

The girl with (snowball?) is really interesting (in a good way).

on Sunday, September 14th, Elise said

You're right Berry! That one is a photo of my new husband from our wedding. I was feeling all lovey dovey!
And the girl is going to be blowing on a dandilion that's gone to seed D, once the painting is further along it will make better sense. It's one of my favs.

on Monday, September 15th, Kasia said

I am sooo happy you finally got the book! :) Wow, snail mail is really snaily... :hehe:

on Monday, September 15th, holly said

OMG! The girl with the dandelion will be mine in a parallel universe where I have the money to buy such things. It's *WONDERFUL* to see you painting again!!!!

on Tuesday, September 16th, subi said

wow!!! i love these, the happy groom is darling! and i love the thistledown girl as well! these are all lovely!

on Tuesday, September 16th, AL said

That's a lovely painting of your husband on your wedding day!

on Tuesday, September 16th, Elise said

Yes Kasia, I was amazed at how long it took to get from you to me, but thank you again!

And HOLLY! Wow, it's been a loooooong time. I'm glad you like the dandelion girl, I think that one will be really cool when it's finished. And, it *is* wonderful to be painting again. I can't seem to stop myself, I've been doing a new painting every day or so, there are several new ones I haven't had time to post yet. It's a lot of fun. I hope you're having as much fun with your brainiac stuff!
And Subi, we call it "wild Alaska Cotton" here but thanks! That one is Aaron's favorite! Her back will look really cool when it's finished.

And Al, thanks! My co-worker saw it yesterday and said it was a wonderful likeness. We really were both incredibly happy that day....we still are!

on Wednesday, September 17th, dad ,so thats a dandalion gone to seed I though it was a snowball lol said