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Home » Archives » November 2008 » Happy Election Day My Friends - Don't forget to VOTE!!!

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11/04/2008: "Happy Election Day My Friends - Don't forget to VOTE!!!"

Aaron and I got up and went to vote as soon as the polls opened at 7am. It was very exciting.


I didn't post any photos from Halloween but I painted a bunch of faces at work, we went as Harajuku Girls. I'll post some photos when I get them.

I do have a photo on my friend Maren, I painted her mime face for a Halloween party, I think she looks awesome!
mime-maren (70k image)

Anyway, I hope everyone in the USA gets out to vote today!

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, November 5th, AL said

Nice mime face!

Yesterday was certainly exciting! I also got out and voted first thing in the morning and stayed up way too late last night listening to the election coverage and the speeches.I'm exhausted this morning, but very happy! :D

on Thursday, November 6th, Isle Dance said

What a beautiful photo!

on Sunday, November 9th, Kasia said

Me and my husband are soooo happy for Mr Obama. though he is not OUR president. But it seems like there are better times coming in terms of international politics. :) Hurrah!!!!

on Monday, November 10th, Elise said

Hi Al and Isle Dance, thanks! I owe my face painting to a former blog reader (Kira) who sent me a face painting kit out of the blue, that I'm still using today.

And Kasia, yes, it is a very exciting time in our country. People are feeling so hopeful again. I know that President Elect Obama (I love saying that) won't be perfect, but I am POSITIVE that he will be an improvement to Bush.