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01/05/2009: "Sold a painting, sold a painting, sold a paaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnting (to the tune of oh my darlin)"

Well, I've received A LOT of emails lately from people wanting (but unable) to buy paintings and it was touching but also weird. I felt a little like maybe people felt sorry for me or something. Not that I'd turn down a pity purchase, (cuz I wouldn't) fact, I did actually sell one painting, which is AWESOME!

I'm still in super-charged PURGE mode. I've been giving away some really nice stuff, a very expensive easel, a large box full of various acrylic paints (I finally gave up the fantasy that I would ever switch away from oils)...I've also given away lots of primed canvas, panels, etc.

I find that just storing all of my unsold paintings is difficult. I was moving everything from the small storage room that is to become our new bedroom, to our old bedroom which is to become my new studio. I noticed that several of my older paintings have been damaged either by the way they were stored or the way I've had to move them around so much. It makes me sad. I hope (with Aaron's help) to make some large canvas storage bins for my new studio when he gets back to town.

Also, as I've been moving these old paintings to and fro, I've noticed that I've held on to some really bad paintings (ones I've never even posted online "in progress" because they're so terrible) and yet, I can't seem to throw them out. Many of them have too much texture to try and paint over...and the designs are fundamentally flawed so there's no real way to ever "fix" them. Still, I guess I suffer from the same fantasy that most artists have, that one day long after my death, my work (even the crap bits) will be treasured and written about by art scholars.

har har...

HEY! It could happen!

Anyway, I guess I'll hang on to most of it for now. We just REALLY need the space. So, I've pulled my least favorite paintings aside for the bin just in case I can't make room for them.

Oh, that reminds me, remember back when I wrote about the drama queen artist "Rah" who threatened to destroy his paintings at the gallery's opening if they didn't sell? (and then Rah himself commented on my post because I guess I kind of *was* making fun of him...ooops)

Yah, that was awesome!