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01/06/2009: "North to Alaska (Alaska's 50th)"

This morning's On Point (on NPR) is all about Alaska. Sat. was the anniversary of our 50th year of statehood. It's strange to know people (who aren't that old) who clearly remember living here before Alaska was a state.

Anyway, during one of the breaks in the program, they played the song "North to Alaska" and I felt such an emotional rush I started crying. I have intense feelings about this state. Right now, it looks incredibly, almost freakishly beautiful here. We've had lots of light fluffy snow lately and it was sunny today so everything just glittered unbelievably.

In other news, I've decided to take all the paintings from my show at the city museum that didn't sell, off of their stretcher bars. They are frames I built myself, "gallery wrapped" so they are a couple inches thick and take up way too much room to store. Instead of rolling the paintings (which in my experience ruins them) I'm going to stack them one on top of each other, laid out flat.

I'm going to donate the stretcher bars to the university's art department, as I'm sure students could stretch more canvas on them easily.

Last night a few of the panel paintings I had tried to store in a precarious manner, slid down behind some other items making an uncomfortable sounding scrumth noise. I'm afraid to check on the damage.

Ah well, all of my paintings have been photographed, so even if the physical items themselves get banged up a bit here and there, the photos will be OK. By the way, fear not, I would NEVER sell a damaged painting!!!!

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on Tuesday, January 13th, subi said

sorry to hear the very sad news. you are strong and amazing and awesome and will do right by Aaron's son, I just feel it!!! and happy birthday as well... the show link doesn't work...i want to see all the work!