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01/13/2009: "Not Again!"

So, another avalanche has once again cut off Juneau's hydro-power. This is the second time in less than a year that this "once in a 100 years event" has gone down (literally). Also, we recently received 53 inches of snow in less than 2 weeks and now that all the storm drains are full of snow and ice we're getting lots of rain hence flooding and general bad moods all around.

I should mention that this is Armageddon Week on the History Channel...wheeeee!

And last night I watched "Last Days on Earth" about the top ways life on Earth could end
(I should start a pool, come on, send me your top pick!) but here's the ones that the History Channel came up with:

Gamma Rays from Outer Space
Black Holes
Super volcano eruption (like Yellowstone which is over due!)
Asteroid collision
Artificial Intelligence (i.e. killer robots)
Global pandemic (had me browsing gas masks on the Internets)
Nuclear war
Climate Change was their number 1 possibility (though I happen to believe some life could escape climate change, while a black whole could reduce everything to a singularity, which wins in my book)

Still, climate change is real, and very scary. A man explained that the term "global warming" wasn't being used anymore because what's happening doesn't necessarily make temperatures climb everywhere, it just creates scary and unpredictable changes in the climate.


I had fun going to a History Channel forum, and reading all of the "leftist media plot" scientific experts talking about the climate change hoax. One man said he was a geologist and he and all of his other scientist buddies all knew that climate change was a hoax. Is that so?

Well, I for one am a believer.

And speaking of idiots posting idiocy in forums...have any of you ever read the comments section after stories in the Juneau Empire? To read them you'd think Juneau was full of an aggressive illiteratati; I read the comments some times for the entertainment value, mostly they make me ashamed at the portrait these same 10 jerks are painting of Juneau, which is (imo) one of the most stunning and magical places to live on the planet (climate change and all).

Anyway, tell me how you think life on earth will end!

Replies: 3 Comments

on Wednesday, January 14th, dad said

:O armageddon hon, read your bible

on Thursday, January 15th, Cynthia said

It's more likely that life or no life on earth will be a moot point when we figure out how to survive and thrive and multiply successfully on on other planets. The universe is a big place and getting bigger, why stick around on this pinhead when there are so many others to explore? :-)

on Saturday, January 17th, CK said

We (in PA) lost power one time for a day in winter (from a small tornado of all things!) and it got so cold in the house I went to bed fully clothed and with socks, gloves, scarf and two blankets (with one covering my head). It also sucked having to use candles and flashlights the whole time. How did you (who lives in Alaska) ever stay warm? :confused:

I'd love to have a black hole end the world (instantly, no pain), but more likely it will be global pandemic or nuclear war. :cry: