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01/27/2009: "My "sunny" valentine"

Well, I decided to use an award's ticket that was about to expire, to visit my dad and sisters in Dallas. My dad kept bragging about the 70 and even 80 degree weather they'd been having and I was actually afraid that I'd be way too hot. I packed all summer clothes and..."The National Weather Service has issued an Ice Storm Warning for most of North Texas"...yeah, it has been super cold and either raining or sleeting (however you call that) for the past several days that I've been here. It's probably been colder here than in Juneau.

"Scientists Fear Volcano Could Bury Anchorage in Ash: ANCHORAGE, Alaska It's been nearly 20 years since Alaska's Mount Redoubt erupted, but that time of tranquility might end.

Recent seismic activity could be a prelude to an eruption, "perhaps within hours to days," said geologists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory."

This disrupts air travel throughout the state. This will be the 4th time I've had travel plans altered due to an eruption: Mount Redoubt (nearly 20 years ago!), Mount Spur, Mount Augustine, and now potentially Redoubt AGAIN. Damn, I know I choose to live in Alaska but really? FOUR volcanic eruptions while traveling is a lot, especially since I don't travel that much.

Still, I'm having an AMAZING time with my family. We've been having a lot of Wii bowling tournaments, going to movies, talking, having family dinners etc. We even had a belated Christmas gathering with a big meal, gifts, and the whole nine yards. It feels great being with family, even though I miss my honey terribly.

He is (hopefully) working on setting up my new painting studio while I'm away. We've been reorganizing the house in preparation for our new family member (Noah) in June and I haven't had a place to paint for nearly a month now. I feel very displaced but that should be ending soon.

Once I'm back in the saddle and painting again, I plan to start posting more images of my work, photographs, and etc. so, even though the "Alaskan Artist Blog" is going through a slow phase, stay tuned...

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, January 28th, Kasia said

I've been reorganizing my house too. :)I am pregnant! Yes!!!

What is Wii bowling??? And I do hope your Alaskan volcanoes will go to sleep soon!

on Wednesday, January 28th, Elise said

Kasia! Congratulations!!!

That is wonderful news, you must be so excited. When is the baby due?

As for "Wii Bowling"...Wii is a video game but you have to go through the actual physical body motions of bowling (or whatever sport or game you play) so you aren't just sitting around using controlers, it operates with sensors and the movement of your body. It's really fun, the bowling feels like real bowling.;lst

Wii is REALLY fun, and it gets you moving, unlike other video games.

but seriously, congratulations on the baby!

on Wednesday, January 28th, berry connell said

Well, it sounds like you should get on that wii and wii on down to the lower fourty eight till the eruptions are done.
Or, are you looking to represent our northernmost 'Church' and the modern Krakatoa (sp?)

on Friday, January 30th, Kasia said

The baby will be here in late August. :)
About Wiii Bowling - looks great! I played tennis this way just didn't know it's called Wii tennis. It was so much fun! You actually hit the ball without the racket and the REAL ball. :hehe: