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04/07/2009: "These hands were made for painting, and that's just what they'll do..."

My goal is to paint for 2 hours a night during the week, and last night I worked for 6! I made excellent progress on a new piece that is either amazing or awful. I'm still undecided. One thing I can say is that it will be the largest piece in the show and even though it's not that big (24x30) it's still a lot of canvas to cover with paint.

Still, the more I paint, the looser I feel and the less worried, and generally the happier and more optimistic my outlook.

I am beginning to really see the show coming together. I made a decision to use a non-traditional color for vegetation because I feel like the show (in general) is a little too green-centric.

It is GRAY and COLD and Rainy can you blame me? It's supposed to SNOW again today.
My mind is already deeply into SPRING. I just feel like perhaps my monochromatic world is causing me to be a tad heavy handed with the green.

Born with the moon in cancer
Choose her a name she will answer to
Call her green and the winters cannot fade her
Call her green for the children who've made her
Little green, be a gypsy dancer

Just a little green
Like the color when the spring is born
There'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow
Just a little green
Like the nights when the northern lights perform
There'll be icicles and birthday clothes
And sometimes there'll be sorrow

(Excerpts from "Little Green" by Joni Mitchell)
btw, Happy Poetry Month Everyone!

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, April 8th, tasha said

It looks like you are getting busy baby! Me too- May should be a great first friday for people to check out!
kisses- t

on Wednesday, April 8th, Elise said

Hi Tasha, do you and Lincoln have a show next month too?

Cool beans!

I will actually be gone for the first Friday reception but they want me to have an artist reception on the 8th.

on Sunday, April 12th, tasha said

where are you going?
We will be at the ruby room.

on Sunday, April 12th, Elise said

Annie Kaill's...but I won't be there for First Friday, we're going to have an "artist reception" the following Friday night (I'll be out of town May 1st).

I'll be sure to check out the Ruby Room though, if it will be up for awhile.