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05/01/2009: "Tonight!"

technorati tags: Panic-ish

Tonight is the first Friday opening for my show at annie kaill's.

Due to a scheduling snafu on my part, I wont be there.

There will be another reception next Friday that I'll be at, but I'm still really worried about how tonight will go. Aaron is my biggest fan and is convinced that I will sell work tonight, but I'm not so sure. I don't want him to feel sorry for me if nothing sells.

The bottom line is that I feel great about the work. I worked as hard as I ever have on this show. Can't that be enough? Why do we as artists so often judge our success based on how much sells?

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on Saturday, May 2nd,">desiree said

I was there. people ooohhh'd and aahhhh'd like crazy. Many comments on the colors , movement and realism. No need for concern. You work is really wonderful. Hope you had a great trip.

on Saturday, May 2nd, dad said

do you really want a answer for that? :blush:

on Sunday, May 3rd,">Duane McLeod said

I am looking for some information about an Alaskan Wilderness atist named Bud Kaninski. I know that he lived and worked in Anchorage during the 70's and 80's. I have several pieces of his work and was wondering if you could help me find other fortunate individuals.