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05/08/2009: "Tonight's the night"

Well, tonight feels a little anti-climactic, but I'm still nervous as hell. I was able to shrink wrap 12 prints last night. I got a tip from Rob Roys about how to do a better job on the shrink wrapping. First off, let the little heat stick get good and hot before trying to melt the seams. Secondly, use a straight edge (I used a long metal yard stick). The difference was amazing. I had these perfect seams which made the actual shrinking part a piece of cake.

These prints actually look professional, as opposed to having a bunch of extra hole-ridden plastic on the back-sides. I know of 2 or 3 people who plan to buy prints, so even if none of the paintings sell, the prints selling would be AWESOME!

I now have prints of the Pump House Sandy Beach for $40.

pumphouse-print-framed2 (32k image)

The "Book of Dreams" for $45.

dream-book2 (43k image)

And "Lion's Head" for $75 (it's much bigger)

painting-nude-woman-in-front-lionshead-mountain-med2 (55k image)

As well as some of my other prints.

I don't think many people will come tonight but I intend to have a nice time either way.
It's the new me!

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, May 12th, Kasia said

The Sandy House ius definitely ma fav. ! :) :)

on Wednesday, May 13th, holly said

Leaving for France in the morning (14th)-- please save me a Lion's Head-- I've been waiting for this one forever! I'll get in touch when I return.

on Friday, May 29th, Erin said

Love the Sandy Beach pump house, what is the size of the print?