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06/09/2009: "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Sorry to anyone out there who still checks in on this blog from time to time. I haven't been updating it for awhile. Summer's hard, you'd think we'd be less busy but in some ways, it just seems like there's so much more to get done in the summer. My list is really long and quite depressing, though I'm making good headway.

The show went pretty well, I sold 3 original paintings and 8 prints. The sell of the prints counter-balanced the relatively few paintings that sold.

2 of the paintings that sold were ones I had reworked from previous shows. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I need to get cracking on my show for August, but my heart isn't it in. I've been sick a lot lately. I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps too. There have been a lot of overwhelming changes in my life, much of which I can't write about because of privacy issues.

It's just been hard. And then, I heard this horrible BBC report on the radio the other day about the plight of women refugees from Darfur and I felt like a spoiled little brat.

Anyway, I will try to post more regularly...even if the posts aren't very interesting. Below is an image of my show from the day of the opening.

annie-kaills-may-opening-09-tomlinson (68k image)

Replies: 10 Comments

on Wednesday, June 10th, Joan said

From one who does check in at your site for updates, welcome back. Congratulations on your sales. I would think public appreciation of your work is a good thing. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. That just makes everything else so hard, it seems. Kind of like a multicator. Hang in there, regarding the private stuff. Your and Aaron's love for each other can see you through many many hardships. Remember, love is a gift you choose to give every day. Peace to you.

on Wednesday, June 10th, Elise said

Hi Joan!
Thanks so much for the support. I've been getting down so much lately. You gave some really good advice awhile back "fake it till you mean it"...I really need to take that to heart these days.

I hope all is well on your end. Peace to you and yours as well!

on Thursday, June 11th, Alisa said

What a beautiful collection of your paintings!

on Thursday, June 11th, Elise said

Hi Alisa,
Sorry I haven't been in contact much. I have been
:( and incommunicado.

Things will get better. I'm happy you like the paintings!

on Thursday, June 11th, Brian said

The photo looks great!

I really like the painting of the woman reading in the ferns. It seems different from the majority of your work. I think it's the ferns, because of the lines and how they come to a point, instead of your usual soft, curving lines. Do you have a close-up?

on Thursday, June 11th, Elise said

Hi Bri,

Interesting about the points, hadn't thought of that but you're right.

I haven't photographed that one in detail yet, but I will post close ups off all of them once I find a spare minute.

on Thursday, June 11th, Kasia said

Head up! Nothing is really as bad as it seems to be. :)

on Saturday, June 13th, Erin said

Hi there,
so glad you are back posting. I really want the Sandy Beach print but can't find how to buy it through your site. Email me when you can.

on Monday, June 15th, holly said

Lovely to see all that work on one wall. Your use of color always make my heart soar!

Hope you are feeling better.

on Monday, June 15th, Elise said

Hi Kasia! You're right, things are never as bad. I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now.
Erin, I will email you ASAP. Sorry about that!

And Holly! So great to hear from you. I hope you're having an amazing time on your trip!