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07/24/2009: "Librarian Superhero Trading Cards"

Below is the first of many I hope to design for the librarians of the Egan Library where I work. It's more fun than regular business cards and I LOVE working in Photoshop.

elise-librarian-comic2 (124k image)
Special Powers - Advanced online searching
Mission - Help students fight information overload
Arch Nemisis - Pop up blocker
Side Kicks: ipod Touch and Kindle 2

In other news, I have a show at our University Book Store coming up in two weeks and I have nothing ready for it. Life has been too crazy. I guess I had no idea how the addition of nine year old boy would alter things for me. I am hoping to spend some time in the studio this weekend.

As of now, the show will consist of one totally new piece that I've painted since my last exhibit. Three paintings that I've done in the past 2 years but haven't exhibited. Three paintings that have been exhibited before that I've re-painted. And two beautiful paintings that have been exhibited in the past, but at a very small venue.

Overall, I don't think the show "goes" together that well. There will be a variety of themes, sizes, and mediums. I will also have more prints available for purchase. The book store might be interested in keeping a few on my prints on hand even after the opening!

I really need to keep working, find my groove again, get off my lazy duff etc. I have a lot more respect for artists with kids!

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on Tuesday, July 28th, Joan said

I need to say something that is not drug related!!!

I heard something lately that kind of struck a cord with me. As a step-parent, be the funny one. The real need for the child is to have a relationship and that is a good way. I know that can be very hard, but I also know you can find the "child within" i.e., belly laugh. It may be a difficult time, maybe not. Sudden mother is hard, especially when you still must keep your other "jobs," but you can do it and you have a lot to give. He has a lot to receive. Just keep building.

Love, peace & elbow grease. (kudos to Megan.)


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on Sunday, August 2nd, Alston said

Hi Elise,
I really liked your article in Art Calander magazine very much. And I LOVE the idea of belly laughing, what a great idea ! ! ! I LOVE Alsaka,when I was working I used to come to Alsaka once a quarter and I have wonderful memories from there.I would like to add your web site or blog to mine , would you like to reciprocate by adding me to your list ? Best, ALston

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