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08/06/2009: "Show Tomorrow Night!"

Well, tomorrow from 4-7 is my show at the UAS Bookstore. I'm feeling a bit guilty that I haven't done more to promote it, haven't papered the town with flyers or anything like that. I have been so crazy busy and I still have to shrink wrap a bunch of prints. Also, I feel like I just had the Annie Kaill's Show, even though it was 2 months ago.

I'm afraid not many people will come to the opening reception. It's held the same night as First Friday, a big gallery walk that takes place in downtown Juneau which is just about as far away as you can get from where I'm showing. Most of the people I know from the University (which is very nearby and convenient) are still off contract for the summer. A lot of people are on summer vacation or have friends with shows tonight downtown. Even my own husband can't make it because he's coaching soccer...

Oh well, I feel this way a lot before an opening, a certain amount of embarrassment and dread. There will be a lot of pieces in this show, about half of them I've exhibited before. The other half are pieces that never really fit in well with the work from other exhibits. I guess I'm glad that I'm doing the show even if there is a weak turn out. As one art consultant said, GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE!

new-works-Elise-Tomlinson (106k image)