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03/17/2010: "Forgive or forget"

Today I realized that I'd forgotten how to log onto this blog! Not a good sign. I went out to lunch this afternoon with a friend I don't know very well and she mentioned how she'd come across this blog and had read some of it and it made her feel she knew me better.

I told her how I hadn't been writing in it much lately because my life isn't solely my own to write about any more. But it occurred to me how much I miss writing here. I've kept some sort of journal since I can remember...I quit writing in paper journals when I started this blog, but nothing has really replaced it since I decided that 85% of my life is now off limits.

Facebook isn't the same. There you have status updates. I think everyone tries to be pithy and witty and you're limited to a certain number of words. It doesn't lend itself well to longer reflections and I miss that. So, although it may only be one or two posts a week, I've decided to take up this blog again.

It's good timing too, as I have a show coming up in June at The Canvas Gallery, and I've taken this week off from my day job to just have time alone to work on this show. So far I have seven new paintings started. A lot of the work has been started since this weekend, and I've probably spent over 20 hours working on compositions in PhotoShop.

My last show was a hodge podge of different stuff, I was worried about that but it turns out people really liked the mix and didn't miss the cohesive "theme" I usually shoot for. So, I'm going to do that again. Some of the paintings are women in a landscape, some of women with large abstract flowers, some of little things found in the tidewater along the beaches in this area, a few Ariel views of alluvial flows, a couple portraits, some fireweed, etc. You get the drift. The good news is that I'm painting again, really painting and LOVING it.

I'm not at a point to share any yet, but I will. Thanks to anyone who is still dropping by!

Replies: 2 Comments

on Thursday, March 18th, marja-leena said

Welcome back, have missed you! And how wonderful that you are painting again, and congratulations on having another show soon - a good motivator, eh?

on Thursday, March 18th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena!

Good motivator indeed! I think the only reason I set up to have exhibits is to force me to work.