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03/30/2010: "Inspired!"

Tonight I spent hours looking at cabins and acreage in remote parts of Southeast Alaska. Aaron and I plan to save up to buy either a cabin with a couple acres of land, or just the land (and build later).

Today on "Listen Alaska" the topic was sustainable community agriculture in Alaska. People all over the state are doing innovative things to increase the growing season and crop yields. I have dreams of a someday having a lifestyle similar to my in-laws...a cabin with a large garden, root cellar, composting toilet, solar panels, etc. It won't happen for awhile, I love my job at the University, but someday.

Hopefully we'd be close to the water. We'd have a skiff, sea kayaks, and our small sailboat. We'd go fishing for salmon, can wild berries, and spend too much time reading. Aaron could have a wood shop and I could have room for a studio. sigh. That is the dream.