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06/29/2010: "It's official"

I sold another painting tonight. I've officially made more from art sales this year than ever before! Yeah! Now, this gives me a bit of a break so I can just focus on producing 20 of the best paintings I'm capable of (without having any pressure of an exhibit hanging over my head).

I'll be able to see if I can work without a deadline, and I'll be able to just experiment and see what works without having to worry about having X number of paintings ready to display by a certain date. Even though the general world economic outlook is bleak, if not downright dire...I feel like I'll have had this one good year to see me through psychologically speaking.

When my "best" work is finished I want to have the pieces professionally photographed, and I want to have enough time for them to dry that I can varnish them before they're sold. And I want to apply to a couple of larger venues for a show, maybe to a juried exhibit or try to get a show at a downtown gallery in Anchorage or Seattle.

I feel like I need to keep pushing myself and my comfort zone as an artist. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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on Friday, July 2nd, Kasia said

Congratulations Elise! You truly deserve it. I love your paintings. :-)