Tell Me What You See
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Poisonous berries and razor stars

What would you do
with stars,
if you could
pull them from your hair?

(It's night, in the backyard under
the Mountain Ash trees,
berries burst under
your heels.)

-you pull some down
now and they prick
your palm, as you roll
them across the path

of yourself.
You watch them
open new doors
of blood,

reveal picked-clean
finger bones.
The clarity of your split
eyelashes blinds you.

the lighted house
I watch.
I watch those stars

collapse into the soil,
tinkling faintly,
and become mixed
with rotting berries.

Emily Wall


Nightime is the Hardest - Elise Tomlinson

Nightime is the Hardest

by Elise Tomlinson,  
Oil on Canvas 24"x 28"


paintings ©2000-2003 Elise Tomlinson, poems ©2000-2003 Emily Wall & Alexis Easley