Viridian Slumber
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Viridian Slumber
by Elise Tomlinson,  
Oil on Canvas 20"x 24"

This is the second painting that I did in the "Flesh Tones" series. I was mostly concentrating of the figure in this painting, the angles of the arms and legs and how I wanted to crop it.

Since I was making all of the paintings oriented vertically, and the figure was lying horizontally, it was rather challenging but I like the result.

I generally sketch my figures out small to begin with, then I project them onto the canvas. If I make them larger, the image on the canvas becomes more cropped.

This is how I work with all of my paintings. When I find a design that I like, I copy my drawing onto the canvas. When working in a series, I try to keep all of the figures roughly proportional to each other.

©2000-2003 Elise Tomlinson