Crossing Cerulean
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Crossing Cerulean - Elise Tomlinson

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Crossing Cerulean
by Elise Tomlinson,  
Oil on Canvas 20"x 24"

This is the third painting that I worked on at the same time as I did Phalo Wind and Viridian Slumber

I tried again to work with color pyramids, this time the yellow of the sky/trees is the wide inverted base of the first pyramid and the skirt, the inverted apex.

The blue of the stream forms the base of the second pyramid and the blue hat, the apex.

I created a third pyramid with the out-stretched crimson arms creating the inverted base and the legs, the inverted apex.

The green grass forms the last pyramid, the wide green at top forming an inverted base, and the smaller slice to the right, the inverted apex.

I want the combination of color pyramids to lead the viewer's eye around the painting and to be pleasing on a subconscious level. This is one of my favorite paintings from this series. It was used in all of the promos for the exhibit . It is now hanging in my living room which I have painted a very similar color to that of the stream.

Updated: Apil 2nd, 2003
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