Cadmium Showers
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Cadmium Showers - Elise Tomlinson

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Cadmium Showers
by Elise Tomlinson,  
Oil on Canvas 20"x 24"

There are two paintings in this series that I like but I don't feel necessarily go with the rest of the body of work. Cadmium Showers is one of them and the other one is not shown on this site.

I found this image from a movie I was watching by one of my favorite director's, Wes Anderson. The movie was the Royal Tennenbaums and at the end the family is attending Royal's funeral.

I liked this somewhat somber image, even though I changed it quite a bit from the original image in the movie…the male figure's prominent jawline may look familiar as Luke Wilson's. The female figure was Gwenyth Paltrow.

I again tried to make two color pyramids, one blue and one yellow.

My favorite part of this painting is the hand with the cigarette. I'm not sure why.

Updated: Apil 2nd, 2003
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