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01/05/2004: "Sailing"

Calisto (22k image)

Tonight I found these two photographs I took last summer. The first is a shot of the sailboat Calisto, taken from the deck of the Commitment.

commitment (27k image)

The second is looking up at the gib and the spinnaker of the Committment. I took these two photos on a race called the Rum Cup with my friends Gerald (the Commitment is his beautiful 36' Catalina) and Delynn. The race goes from the Gastineau Channel to Admiralty Cove and the next day the race continues from Admiralty Cove back to the Gastineau Channel. It was a really exciting race, perfect sailing weather except for a few points where we hit the dulldrums and had to do some spinaker practice.

Finding these photos in the dead of winter makes me really long for the summer. I love sailing so much. When I was home in Nebraska I watched a show called Faking It where they took a woman who cleans toilets on a Cruise Ship and tried to pass her off as the skipper of a 72ft. racing yacht after only one month. I was sure there'd be no way in hell they could do that but she even won the race! It was amazing. Really made me miss being out on the water.

I only watched the show because I sort of had a chance to be on it. Someone forwarded me a message that the producers of the show were looking for a woman, aged 25-35 who was a librarian living somewhere kind of remote in Alaska. HELLO!

The only problem was I needed to take a month off in order to do it, and it came during this school year at a time when I'm teaching and there'd be no way to get the time off for it. They even sent me a second, somewhat desperate email asking if there was any way I could do it, but alas, it was not meant to be.

(This entry has been censored due to one of my sisters who read it and got all offended - one of the pit falls of having a blog that is accessible by ANYONE!)

On another note, Mike Maas composed a piece of music for the start of Kite Club so I don't have to use anything that's copyrighted by someone else. It sounds awesome, he did such a great job. I let my sister listen to it and she thinks it sounds better than the original! That was very cool of him to do for me, especially since he was working on finishing up his own production to get it in to the short film festival in time. Today was the deadline. I missed it. I've just been too busy plus the whole bad back thing has made working at the computer for any length of time a real drag. Maybe I can still get it in the local Juneau showing though.

I'm still waiting for my canvases to get in. I'm very excited to start some new work. I spent all last night cleaning the house because I was supposed to show off my guest room to a potential renter. Yes poverty has forced me to accept the possibility of taking on a renter. I put in my paperwork with the legislature...they provide housing for people who move to Juneau only for the legislative session. Well, after I spent all this time primping the house, making everything perfect, she didn't show or even call to cancel. how rude!

The end result though is that my house is spotless now, which is exactly how I need it to be in order to be at my creative best. So, as soon as those damn canvases arrive, I'm all over it!

The other thing is my big mixed CD project. I've had several people respond to my solicitation for mixed CDs. I am still working on mine. I take it very seriously and I keep adding and subtracting songs from my list. Soon I'll get it down to just the right ones that reflect how I've been feeling lately.

I also think I'll add another section to this site, on books that I'm reading and films that I'm watching. I saw it done very nicely on I think it's a great way of keeping track of all those things I've seen or read that I can't always remember later on.

On my flight to Nebraska I wrote down all these cool words in my copy of Harpers, then my dad threw it out cause it was all beat up. Now I can't remember any of it except for "sinister cheese".

1. No matter what, don't discuss health issues/diet etc. with anyone.
2. Paint or draw something, anything, everyday BEFORE I can turn on the TV.
3. Go back on the low carb thing that was working so well for me.
4. Organize my office out at the University.
5. Get business cards designed and ordered.
6. Be better and staying in touch with the people I love.
7. Volunteer for project literacy or habitat for humanity.

(Jan. 6th- I'm editing this list as I left out a resolution that I made to my friend Jennifer)

8. Be more social and thow a party on or before St. Patrick's Day!

Replies: 2 Comments

on Tuesday, January 6th, Jimi AKA Steve said

I really like those pictures. I was thinking that they would make a nice screen saver.
I wish I could take great pics. How about posting some tips?
Especially what with summer on the way ;-)

on Tuesday, January 6th, Elise said

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try and write something on photography for my next entry.