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07/06/2013: Like me on Facebook!
07/06/2013: Beautiful Summer
04/26/2012: Show next Friday, Please Come!
04/20/2012: Close to My Art Giveaway Contest
04/20/2012: A few pieces that will be in my new Show
10/31/2011: Not Painting, but still creative...
03/08/2011: "Like" me in Facebook!
03/03/2011: Lunch-time ski at the Mendenhall Glacier
01/10/2011: Winter in Juneau
09/08/2010: Photos from this summer in Alaska
09/07/2010: Ceating on my blog...
06/29/2010: It's official
06/28/2010: I did it MY way...
06/22/2010: Talking about art get's my blood pumping!
06/21/2010: “I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them” - GW
06/17/2010: Time for a change
06/15/2010: Selling art IS important after all
04/26/2010: Eagle Totem Pole Raising at UAS!
04/21/2010: Fun weekend in Homer but no joy painting
04/12/2010: Treadwell and Sandy Beach - Wheeeeeeeeeee!
04/10/2010: Painting: horrible to the body but great for the soul.
04/05/2010: FINISHED - (well, with one painting anyway)
04/02/2010: Ode to all things shiny and electronic
03/30/2010: Inspired!
03/29/2010: Tax Time - An artist reflects on the state of their business
03/22/2010: Wasted Time?
03/17/2010: Forgive or forget
12/24/2009: Happiness
12/09/2009: Wonderful Alaskan Vacation
11/02/2009: Waiting for DaSnow
10/03/2009: Etsy...feel the love
08/27/2009: August in Juneau, it aint for woosies...
08/11/2009: Facebook
08/08/2009: Hazzah!
08/06/2009: Show Tomorrow Night!
07/24/2009: Librarian Superhero Trading Cards
07/11/2009: Bonfires and Belly Laughing
06/16/2009: Wash, rinse, repeat
06/15/2009: Sandy Beach Pump House
06/09/2009: A picture is worth a thousand words
05/08/2009: Tonight's the night
05/06/2009: The Artist Reception Cometh
05/01/2009: Tonight!
04/21/2009: Risk taking behavior
04/18/2009: The "Do-Over"
04/16/2009: I Dreamed a Dream
04/13/2009: New Canvase Storage Unit!
04/12/2009: Best present EVER!
04/08/2009: Liquin = Baaaaaaaaaaad toxic stuff
04/07/2009: These hands were made for painting, and that's just what they'll do...
04/06/2009: Fear and Loathing in my Living Room
03/19/2009: The Collaboratinator v. The Collaginator
03/17/2009: You Betcha It's Good!
03/15/2009: The anti-back spasm
03/08/2009: A room of one's own
02/25/2009: Mock up and making it look good together
02/24/2009: Creative flow and the copyright question
02/21/2009: The Mighty Glacier
02/10/2009: Buy Art, it's better for your thighs!
01/27/2009: My "sunny" valentine
01/13/2009: Not Again!
01/06/2009: North to Alaska (Alaska's 50th)
01/05/2009: Sold a painting, sold a painting, sold a paaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnting (to the tune of oh my darlin)
12/29/2008: The art of subtraction
12/23/2008: Happy Birthday to Me
12/05/2008: Not up to my standards!
12/02/2008: Compare and contrast
11/30/2008: Ain't that a kick in the head?
11/27/2008: White Sandy Beach of Hawaii
11/15/2008: Honeymoon!!!
11/04/2008: Happy Election Day My Friends - Don't forget to VOTE!!!
10/26/2008: When you're stuck...
10/16/2008: Nothing to fear but fear???
09/21/2008: Rainy Day Hike
09/18/2008: Letter to the Editor
09/14/2008: Salmon tastes good...
09/14/2008: Afternoon on a Hill
09/13/2008: New Paintings
09/08/2008: Confessions of a Guilty Artist
08/28/2008: Obamamania and Agrizoophobia
08/22/2008: Welcome Back
08/10/2008: Why I live here...
08/04/2008: Get Your Geek On!
07/22/2008: How Deep is Your Love?
07/13/2008: Wedding Daze
06/29/2008: A Word from the Undead
06/17/2008: The kindness of others
06/05/2008: Celebration
06/02/2008: Feeling my age...
05/27/2008: What a (3-day) Weekend!
05/20/2008: Just a Little Green...
05/20/2008: A "Sun" Day, Three Little Bears, and a little Toot Toot
05/19/2008: Ups and Downs and loooooong flights of stairs
05/09/2008: The cost of Avalanches...
04/24/2008: Sunshine of the spotless living room
04/21/2008: Cold Comfort
04/17/2008: Crashing down
04/16/2008: Advantages of Blogging
04/14/2008: A pound of flesh
04/08/2008: What Do You Want!
04/03/2008: My Belly is Still Laughing
04/01/2008: Weekend Photo Blog
03/25/2008: Giving it one more shot...
03/21/2008: A Woman's Prerogative
03/17/2008: New Double Ds and a Rocky Mountain Vapor
03/10/2008: Into the Wild
03/08/2008: Wishful Shopping
03/06/2008: A Word on Procrastination
03/03/2008: The Joy of Freecycle!!!!
03/01/2008: Asus eee webcam test
02/28/2008: Argh
02/27/2008: Reflections on living alone
02/26/2008: Go to your cell!
02/25/2008: Your Mission, Should you Choose to Accept It!
02/22/2008: Foggy Bottoms
02/18/2008: Have an Average Day
02/15/2008: Mountain Photo Experiments
02/14/2008: Imitation is the highest form of...? Plus...Haiku Madness!
02/13/2008: Chocolate for the Eyes...
02/11/2008: On the importance of listening carefully!
02/09/2008: Asus eee
02/06/2008: Identity Crisis...OR...Would you like Landscapes with that?
02/05/2008: Super Duper Tuesday - GET OUT AND VOTE/CAUCUS!
02/03/2008: Manna from Heaven (or...DC actually)
02/02/2008: PMC = My Latest Obsession
01/31/2008: The Story of How we Met (then I swear I'll *move on*)
01/29/2008: Happiness, is a warm gun
01/27/2008: Stuck on the Inside
01/26/2008: Juneau on Youtube
01/25/2008: Spaz much?
01/24/2008: When Hell Freezes Over!
01/16/2008: Back in action
12/24/2007: Taking stock
11/30/2007: Success!
11/27/2007: Creativity in Business
11/15/2007: Should We "Paint What We Know"?
11/05/2007: The first snow, the last winter...
10/31/2007: Happy Halloween!
10/24/2007: One Year Ago Today (+ or - a few days)
10/13/2007: I Bought a New Painting!
10/12/2007: Don't Advertise Your Man
09/26/2007: Picking up the Pieces
09/24/2007: Happy Monday?
09/08/2007: Big Night
08/31/2007: It's the Final Countdown
08/22/2007: What a Difference a Frame Makes, or: Frame Therapy 101
08/18/2007: In the big scheme of things...
08/06/2007: At long last...a little taste.
08/03/2007: My Boyfriend Ate My Exhibit & Other Excuses...I won't need!
07/23/2007: Day Three
07/18/2007: Not much going on so...
07/16/2007: The Newest Joy of Painting
07/11/2007: Beautiful
07/09/2007: I’m painting again!
06/27/2007: What's wrong with staying the same?
06/18/2007: Loooong Alaskan Summer Nights
06/14/2007: Humpback Whales Feeding
06/14/2007: Alright already!
05/31/2007: Awww!
05/18/2007: Take a deeeeeep breath
05/11/2007: Holy Doppelgänger!
05/10/2007: Merits of a fast hand...
05/05/2007: Hello from Sunny San Diego
04/30/2007: Plant a little garden...
04/22/2007: Drippity Do Dah!
04/18/2007: Show in September a Go!
04/16/2007: Couches and fuses and spiders...OH MY!
04/11/2007: Artistic Personality Type (True or not True?)
04/09/2007: The joys of being artsy fartsy
03/30/2007: Artists on the Web
03/25/2007: An unproductive weekend?
03/21/2007: Would you like snow with that?
03/19/2007: Holding an art opening at home
03/08/2007: I feel like an artist again!
02/22/2007: Say "Hello" to my little friend!
02/20/2007: You Shouldn't Have (but I'm so happy that you did)
02/14/2007: Romeo Must Die?
02/06/2007: Eagle Drying Feathers
01/29/2007: Deer head anyone?
01/24/2007: More tales from a broken record
01/19/2007: Ah-Choo! Boyfriend v. Cats
01/12/2007: Surface Treatment
01/03/2007: BE IT RESOLVED...
01/02/2007: Non-Toxic?
12/26/2006: I'm Back!
12/21/2006: Today's the WHAT?
12/17/2006: Avoiding the Year in Review
12/15/2006: Northern Lights
12/12/2006: Pain of losing artistic "voice"
12/10/2006: Life in the Last Frontier?
12/05/2006: And then a bunch more stuff happened...
11/30/2006: l'art est bon
11/28/2006: I'm still here...
11/21/2006: Poking Under Rocks with Sticks, and other holiday classics!
11/19/2006: How do you mend...
11/17/2006: Being Peace, Part II
11/16/2006: Timing is everything
11/15/2006: Crash, Bang, Boom
11/08/2006: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
11/06/2006: Dear Diary...
11/03/2006: "Home" for the Holidays?
10/31/2006: A small good thing...
10/30/2006: Changing the World One Nude at a Time!
10/29/2006: Existential Crisis Part XIII
10/25/2006: Elise as Draughtsman?
10/19/2006: Yah, I don't think so, or : Why artists can't make min. wage
10/17/2006: Back to the drawing board...
10/15/2006: The New Improved Joy of Earthquakes
10/12/2006: Life and the Art of Redacting
10/10/2006: A Heidi Ho Halloween
10/08/2006: I don't need no stinkin liver
10/06/2006: Slow load
10/03/2006: Life drawing, late night phone calls, and self-esteem
10/02/2006: Full and Balanced
09/29/2006: Thoughts on art charities? I say: paint till it hurts!
09/28/2006: I won't let it go to my head...
09/27/2006: Model Behavior
09/26/2006: Marine Park - Photo blog...
09/25/2006: Picking up the pieces...
09/23/2006: Lady in Waiting
09/20/2006: No matter how far down the wrong road you go, you still have to turn back eventually
09/17/2006: Salmon Enchanted Evening
09/16/2006: Can you turn back *after* you pass the fork in the road?
09/13/2006: Living in Harmony
09/11/2006: Every Girls' Dream
09/10/2006: Namaste
09/09/2006: The Things We Never Say Out Loud
09/06/2006: Help needed with art sale!
09/05/2006: Under the weather...
09/04/2006: the name of this entry has been changed
09/03/2006: The joy of discovering you knew more than you thought you did!
09/02/2006: Mayflower Wind Shadow
09/01/2006: Oil Spill in Lebanon
08/31/2006: Riding in the back of trucks and other things your mama told you not to do...
08/30/2006: Mood swing anyone?
08/29/2006: Glork!
08/28/2006: Who Moved My Cheese?
08/25/2006: Friends in the Machine
08/24/2006: Take back the night
08/23/2006: It's hard out here for a librarian
08/22/2006: Something Limbo This Way Comes
08/21/2006: When friends from Outside visit
08/20/2006: While you were painting...
08/19/2006: Just do it!
08/17/2006: Leaving Alaska
08/15/2006: Sliding Doors
08/14/2006: Acceptance, Rejection, New Friends, and me SINGING!
08/11/2006: In Portland
08/09/2006: Do we ever really know anyone anyway?
08/05/2006: When I'm not painting, my entries sound more like a little girl's diary than an artist's blog...sorry
08/04/2006: Attack of the 50 foot hair dresser!
08/03/2006: Juneau Ice Field Trek
08/01/2006: Whose commission is it anyway?
07/31/2006: Pink Cheeks
07/29/2006: Kootznoowoo
07/26/2006: Fortress of the Bears vs. Vegging on my Comfy Couch with Universal Remote Control & Cheesy Poofs
07/25/2006: ...and I feel fine!
07/24/2006: You're not the boss of me!
07/21/2006: Friday tips for artists
07/20/2006: Romeo's Bleeding
07/20/2006: A Nor Easter...
07/18/2006: Tell-Tale Raven!
07/17/2006: Inside Passage
07/16/2006: Potboilers anyone?
07/15/2006: You ought to be in pictures...
07/13/2006: Might as well face it, I'm addicted to blog!
07/11/2006: Psych!
07/10/2006: Why do we fall?
07/07/2006: Moose Jerky Taint and Other Stories!
07/05/2006: The Auke-ness Monster.
07/04/2006: Wah Wah Wah, I mean, Happy 4th of July!
07/01/2006: An Inconvenient Truth
06/30/2006: I am La Loba, I hunt alone!
06/28/2006: The naked truth part II
06/27/2006: An Emotional Journey (ok, more like a short hike)
06/24/2006: Art School Confidential
06/22/2006: Importance of Net Neutrality
06/21/2006: A Room of One's Own
06/20/2006: Survey Night Fever
06/19/2006: Have I told you lately?
06/18/2006: Will You Still Need Me, Will you Still Feed Me, When I'm 36?
06/14/2006: Very Superstitious
06/13/2006: Photos from the Big Island
06/12/2006: Watercolor painting is not like riding a bike
06/10/2006: Still feeling the Aloha
06/06/2006: No clocks
06/04/2006: On traveling alone
05/31/2006: Elise is Gonna Get Leid!
05/30/2006: Force yourself to take a chance from time to time
05/29/2006: Please come home safely!
05/27/2006: Humpbacks, and Orcas, and Sea Lions...Oh My!
05/25/2006: Pimp your face
05/23/2006: Have you hugged an artist today?
05/22/2006: Don't want no short people round here!
05/21/2006: I may have a sunburn (warning, diary-ish entry)
05/19/2006: I love you TIVO but....
05/17/2006: Where do I go from here?
05/15/2006: Goodbye cruel world
05/13/2006: Salmon tastes good!
05/10/2006: Art Exhibit Etiquette
05/08/2006: Frames - who gets to decide?
05/06/2006: My party's not over yet!
05/04/2006: Mad Props!
05/03/2006: When it can't get any worse, the real fun begins
05/02/2006: Friends don't let friends exhibit their work.
05/02/2006: T minus 4 days
05/01/2006: Those were the days...
04/29/2006: Effects of Pre-Slaughter Stress or: why I wouldn't taste very good!
04/27/2006: Hurry Hurry Hurry, Everything Must Go!
04/26/2006: You Won't See me Crying (drunk maybe, but not crying) ok, maybe crying too but come on, can ya blame me?
04/25/2006: Where do *you* draw the line?
04/24/2006: Too old to emerge?
04/21/2006: How to Arrange Artwork on Gallery Walls with PhotoShop
04/21/2006: Sometimes you have to fret the little stuff, or, why I hate painting eyes and hands
04/20/2006: In TIVO's Name
04/19/2006: Down for repairs
04/19/2006: The naked truth
04/18/2006: Drunken stumble around downtown Juneau
04/17/2006: A Will of One's Own
04/16/2006: phthalocyanine blue + kitty = bloody nightmare
04/16/2006: What gives?
04/13/2006: Show and Tell - New paintings "in progress"
04/12/2006: Reluctance to share
04/11/2006: Painting over your own history
04/11/2006: You're going to reap just what you sow
04/09/2006: The Burden of Dreams
04/08/2006: On being visited by a talentless muse...
04/07/2006: Juneau at its best!
04/07/2006: Why do I admit this stuff?
04/05/2006: The Terror of the Failure, or, “Why Deadlines Induce Productivity in Artists”
04/04/2006: I wish I was a mole in the ground
04/01/2006: Museum Workshop Debriefing
03/30/2006: Elevated Nostalgia
03/29/2006: When do you become too old to get your first tatoo?
03/28/2006: No such thing as “failure”?
03/27/2006: Better off Undead
03/25/2006: First Annual 10 in 2 Art Challange!
03/24/2006: Friday Photoblogging
03/23/2006: Hey Everybody... LOOK AT *ME*!!!!
03/21/2006: Art Marketing / Exhibiting Resources for Museum Workshop
03/21/2006: Salieri for one...or..."I think I need my dosage upped!"
03/20/2006: We're all in this together
03/17/2006: I thought I could get higher than that!
03/16/2006: Solar powered artist
03/15/2006: Pros and Cons of selling art on ebay
03/14/2006: Mama told me there'd be days like this...
03/12/2006: Brighter Than Sunshine
03/10/2006: Test IV
03/10/2006: Lyrics of the song “Shadow” by The Southland
03/09/2006: RSS Test
03/08/2006: I hate Yahoo IM
03/07/2006: It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.
03/06/2006: This is how I am, and you are, and it's real life!
03/04/2006: Selling a painting before you exhibit it
03/02/2006: On having "visions" (or...they make meth out of cough syrup don't they?)
03/01/2006: Free Art Book for Bloggers
03/01/2006: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (sorta)
02/26/2006: That could have gone better...
02/23/2006: Going Down!
02/22/2006: Feel free to admire my feet!
02/21/2006: I know I said I would stop but...
02/20/2006: Foggy little Island
02/19/2006: If only I could be in two (or three) places...
02/16/2006: Waiting for the other shoe to drop...
02/14/2006: Help with portfolio ideas desperately needed!
02/14/2006: But I *am* an, seriously!
02/12/2006: The state of one's room is the state of one's mind
02/10/2006: Friday Cat Blogging (thanks Axis of Evel Knievel)
02/08/2006: Dance hermit dance!
02/07/2006: Neutral Buoyancy
02/06/2006: I'm a "SUPA STA"
02/06/2006: My blog is in the clouds
02/04/2006: Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
02/03/2006: Weeping at the beauty of the sky
02/02/2006: A woman needs her mystery!
01/31/2006: Opus in gold and brown
01/31/2006: Fool me once...
01/30/2006: The 21st Century's version of window shopping
01/29/2006: it's not about sales it's not about sales it's not about sales...
01/28/2006: A good day
01/27/2006: Binge Painting
01/25/2006: Give the people what they want???
01/24/2006: I don't collect snow globes anymore...
01/23/2006: Secretly watch me dissect something
01/22/2006: Art Calendar
01/19/2006: Uh, thanks? / Artist Studios
01/18/2006: Snowzilla / Five Weirdest Habits Meme
01/18/2006: New paintings...before pictures of studio
01/17/2006: Problems with Panel
01/16/2006: End of a dry spell
01/14/2006: You're once, twice, three times an eruption...and I don't love you!
01/13/2006: Zippity Do Dah
01/10/2006: Under the weather
01/09/2006: Strangers we call friends
01/07/2006: Happy Happy Joy Joy
01/05/2006: Salmon and Pollock
01/04/2006: Disappearing Act
01/03/2006: Matisse's Blog
01/01/2006: Happy 2006
12/29/2005: Homeward Bound
12/26/2005: Supersized Me?
12/22/2005: Happy Birthday to Me!
12/20/2005: The down side of a full heart
12/17/2005: What happens in Nebraska stays in Nebraska
12/15/2005: Mixed feelings about my work being "resold"
12/14/2005: I Did I did I did the Iditarod Trail
12/13/2005: My first (of many I hope) satisfied print customers (i.e. "buyer of prints")
12/12/2005: Memories!
12/11/2005: Updates / How to Become a Famous Artist... (part II)
12/09/2005: MORE SOLD! / National Fine Arts Registry
12/07/2005: Painting Requires BRAAAAAAAINS
12/06/2005: SOLD!
12/05/2005: Small Beginnings
12/02/2005: OK I'll admit it...I'm not great at taking criticism!
12/01/2005: Artist tax code / 2 new "works in progress"
11/30/2005: Wonderful exhibit!
11/29/2005: Art in Alaska
11/29/2005: Answered my own question
11/28/2005: Option A or Option B?
11/27/2005: Some new paintings...
11/25/2005: Thankful
11/23/2005: Rough night
11/21/2005: Showing your art work to scale
11/21/2005: Drunk friends are fun
11/19/2005: A taste...
11/19/2005: Oh, darling, make it go, make it go away!
11/17/2005: Goody goody goody!
11/16/2005: Psssst, Psssst....hey buddy over here...take a look at these genuine Tomlinson originals...
11/14/2005: The shadows are as important as the light
11/13/2005: Grizzly Man? (Minor spoilers)
11/11/2005: Received in a letter this afternoon:
11/10/2005: Juneau Artists Gallery
11/09/2005: So, was it worth it?
11/08/2005: Do you remember your first time?
11/06/2005: Update
11/05/2005: Because I want to
11/04/2005: On hiring an art consultant
11/03/2005: The color of snow
11/02/2005: Day 1 - 462 Words.
11/01/2005: Name that spore!
11/01/2005: It vexes me
10/30/2005: Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint.
10/29/2005: It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine?
10/27/2005: Mammatus anyone?
10/26/2005: Harold and Maude
10/25/2005: Painting without a net
10/23/2005: Art in the 21st Century?
10/22/2005: Ah Crap! Not again...
10/20/2005: Amigo nuevo
10/20/2005: GMT= -8 +2
10/19/2005: Disguise
10/18/2005: To sleep per chance to dream
10/16/2005: There has to be a morning after...
10/14/2005: The 34 stages of macaroni and cheese decomposition
10/12/2005: Wake me up when it's November
10/10/2005: How has your painting grown/changed over time?
10/08/2005: 3-D Squared
10/07/2005: We all fall short...
10/06/2005: Fortune Cookies
10/03/2005: How seriously should we take our work / ourselves?
10/02/2005: Until we meet again...
10/01/2005: Is it ever too late to turn things around?
09/29/2005: PFD PARTY!
09/27/2005: big words
09/26/2005: Oil primed linen
09/23/2005: God Bless America
09/21/2005: I'M A GEEK!
09/20/2005: I'll never tell...
09/19/2005: When it's cold out...
09/17/2005: I *still* think it's hilarious!
09/15/2005: Nah nah na nah (almost) can't fire me without cause!
09/13/2005: All quiet on the western front (except for the voices in my head)
09/10/2005: Dangers of too much "Leesee Time"
09/07/2005: Good girl gone bad
09/06/2005: Do you believe in ghosts?
09/05/2005: The things I've read and the things I've seen
09/03/2005: Wetlands Photos
09/02/2005: Seen any good movies?
09/01/2005: Letter's from Myself...Part I
08/31/2005: A Conundrum Wrapped in a Rationalization
08/30/2005: What's going on?
08/29/2005: Indulge me for one final thought
08/29/2005: Somebody fetch me another beer!
08/29/2005: What do critics know anyway?
08/28/2005: Dobro Arigato
08/26/2005: Coldplay Put a Smile Upon My Face!
08/25/2005: Support the Mechanic's Union - Don't Fly Northwest!!!
08/25/2005: Let the Idiot Speak!
08/24/2005: Big Big Smile!
08/23/2005: Pat Robertson = CRAZY RELIGIOUS ZEALOT FREAK!
08/22/2005: Mystery Solved, Crisis Averted!
08/22/2005: Not even your checks are safe!
08/20/2005: String theory?
08/20/2005: Another book cover commission?
08/19/2005: Boy Survives Bump From Killer Whale
08/18/2005: Community Supported Agriculture
08/17/2005: Going Non-toxic (and terrified)
08/16/2005: Personal blogs change the way we communicate
08/15/2005: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us!
08/14/2005: The Dead Zone
08/12/2005: Then and Now
08/11/2005: Make your art your business
08/11/2005: Pa, there's a bear in the house!
08/10/2005: Sad News
08/09/2005: Taxing for Artists
08/08/2005: On getting real(istic)
08/06/2005: Consummatum Est
08/04/2005: the Hanging
08/04/2005: Sicky McSick
08/03/2005: I'm back, and the show is on!
07/30/2005: Arrested Development
07/28/2005: Sorry to bore you holly but...
07/23/2005: Visionary
07/21/2005: Woo Woo!
07/20/2005: Paranoia and the city
07/19/2005: Safe and sound
07/16/2005: Priorities
07/14/2005: Designing with color pyramids: i.e. a method to my madness
07/14/2005: Beware of cute men carrying clip boards!
07/14/2005: JUMP---Try this out! (plus...question about magnetic business cards)
07/14/2005: Serendipity and intentions in art.
07/13/2005: Phonemasters
07/12/2005: Changes to Woman and glacier painting (aka Holly with harmonica/chocolate bar)
07/11/2005: Changes to the woman playing musical saw
07/10/2005: More recent pics of works
07/09/2005: From Trio to Duo
07/09/2005: Approaching strangers...Starting over
07/08/2005: some more in progress pictures
07/08/2005: What a wonderful world
07/06/2005: Eyes are the windows of the soul!
07/04/2005: Happy 4th of July!!!
07/01/2005: Poor lil baby Osiris!
06/29/2005: Guests arriving / when bears attack!
06/27/2005: Cha cha cha changes...
06/27/2005: Feelin like a bruised sack o crap...
06/24/2005: Shiny Happy
06/22/2005: Must the Show Go On?
06/21/2005: Art Matters
06/20/2005: More...
06/20/2005: Another decision
06/19/2005: Changes
06/18/2005: Help with changes please.
06/16/2005: Necessity is the mother of invention
06/15/2005: Eagle crashes through window
06/15/2005: Not to be a buz kill but...
06/14/2005: FOUND!
06/13/2005: Creating sparks...
06/12/2005: Thieves suck!
06/10/2005: Seagull Grand Artist - Love at first sight!
06/08/2005: This blew my mind!
06/07/2005: All the world's a stage!
06/06/2005: How do you take your coffee?
06/04/2005: A walk around Douglas
06/03/2005: Crisis or Opportunity?
06/02/2005: Roommate wanted?
06/01/2005: Wa Hoooo!
06/01/2005: Would it be petty if...
05/31/2005: I'm Alive!
05/26/2005: Getting a little freaked out...
05/25/2005: Taking Balance to the Extreme
05/23/2005: Setting standards
05/21/2005: Lazy, hazy days of summer
05/18/2005: Alaskan Wild Life
05/17/2005: The Pollen is Gonna Getcha!
05/16/2005: Finding Inspiration
05/16/2005: The price of music
05/14/2005: Preservation
05/12/2005: Would you like some public humiliation with that?
05/10/2005: Ballerinas
05/09/2005: Why *not* to procrastinate!
05/06/2005: Another perfect day!
05/03/2005: Curse of the hot *spot*
05/02/2005: What would you do if...?
04/30/2005: Go cry yerself to sleep on your giant oversized pillow
04/28/2005: Time to wonder again...Is being an artist worth it?
04/27/2005: The Case of the Artist and the Phantom Tooth Decay!
04/26/2005: Sea Lions, Bid on a Commission, My "Style" etc.
04/24/2005: Regression Theory
04/23/2005: Nice day for a white wedding
04/23/2005: Another funky wax creation (jus cuz I likes da way de looks)
04/22/2005: Working on the "Woman with Fiddle" Painting
04/21/2005: Spring in the Rain Forest
04/20/2005: The Art of Second Guessing
04/19/2005: The Secret to Better Painting has Arrived!
04/18/2005: Talking with my Papa
04/17/2005: I lost my soul on the road to retail
04/16/2005: Chemical Reality #2
04/15/2005: STILL AWAKE!
04/14/2005: Art Law / Taxes / And Moving to Ireland!
04/13/2005: Secret to Better Painting?
04/12/2005: A Taxing Woman
04/11/2005: Second Flash Movie
04/11/2005: Flash...
04/10/2005: Is it important to finish what we start?
04/09/2005: Short Attention Span Theatre
04/08/2005: Portrait of Cameron
04/07/2005: My Prints have Arrived
04/06/2005: Recycling Eagles
04/06/2005: Process or Artifact?
04/05/2005: Barrow Alaska
04/05/2005: A new member of the family!
04/04/2005: On Melting (down)
04/03/2005: Still nothing new...
04/01/2005: Getting out
03/31/2005: All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself…anymore
03/30/2005: Miss me? I know that cha did!
03/24/2005: Rick is here!
03/24/2005: Pretty Moon This Evening
03/23/2005: Joys of *not* having a show...
03/22/2005: This is how I'm feeling today...
03/21/2005: All painted up, and no where to go
03/20/2005: Triage
03/19/2005: Works *still* in progress
03/18/2005: Sad
03/17/2005: Mmmmm...Crabs
03/15/2005: Timing is everything
03/14/2005: Walnut Oil Versus Linseed Oil
03/13/2005: Works in Progress
03/12/2005: Paintings, pizza, and panic...
03/11/2005: Today's photos: Eagle and Raven
03/11/2005: Spirited Away
03/10/2005: All Won Tons and no play
03/08/2005: Go directly to dead...
03/07/2005: YIKES! I need to pick an image for the invitations!!!
03/06/2005: Eagle Outside My Window
03/05/2005: Help with new painting
03/03/2005: How to fake an appreciation for art! (and other tales, like why I won't call you back anytime soon)
03/02/2005: Last entry (I promise) on the raven cat painting
02/28/2005: To berry or not to berry...
02/27/2005: Cat and Dog Show
02/27/2005: Suffering for art yet again / Drying Linseed Oil
02/26/2005: Bridal Shower
02/25/2005: REM Paralysis
02/24/2005: Interesting Class for artists/writers
02/23/2005: Has my blog turned me into an insecure whore for comments?
02/21/2005: The Ethics of Artistic Cannibalism
02/20/2005: Woman Playing Musical Saw
02/19/2005: Painting in a Series?
02/18/2005: Lunch at the Glacier
02/17/2005: What's in a Name?
02/16/2005: Shake, Rattle, and Roll
02/16/2005: Working from home again
02/15/2005: Would being rich make me a better artist?
02/13/2005: Finally, a start...
02/12/2005: Images from Treadwell Mine
02/11/2005: An interesting day
02/10/2005: The Writing on the Wall
02/08/2005: Ellen MacArthur is my Hero!
02/07/2005: 43 Things
02/06/2005: The "Gift" of Insomnia? (Would you like Alpha Waves with That?)
02/04/2005: Show Time!
02/03/2005: What I'm *really* afraid of...
02/01/2005: What are you afraid of?
02/01/2005: A Word on Brushes
01/31/2005: Finished version of "En Plein Air"
01/30/2005: Wicked Little Town
01/29/2005: Scheduling Conflicts
01/27/2005: Broken Hearted Me
01/25/2005: Do we lose our "edge" as we age?
01/25/2005: Worse than I remembered
01/24/2005: Invitation
01/23/2005: Procrastination
01/21/2005: I'm In!
01/20/2005: Image chosen for book cover!
01/19/2005: Eros and Snow
01/18/2005: Perks of Living Next Door to a Bar
01/17/2005: First Lesson about Painting on Gessoboard
01/16/2005: First Painting Using Gessoboard
01/15/2005: Dick Blick / I Support Salmon!
01/12/2005: Life is full of unexpected "opportunities"
01/12/2005: The show must go on / Women are not the glory of god
01/11/2005: The days are getting lighter but...
01/10/2005: Snow Sky
01/07/2005: Taking source photographs for paintings
01/05/2005: Shipping paintings
01/04/2005: The KTOO Dog & Cat Show AND The 3rd Annual Eros & Art Juried Erotic Art Exhibit
01/03/2005: Learning to Paint
01/02/2005: Home!
12/17/2004: Stop me oh stop me, stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.
12/16/2004: The Year in Review (i.e. how to put things in perspective and not to be such a drama queen)
12/15/2004: Feeling Knocked Down a Peg (or two)
12/13/2004: Working on Commission
12/09/2004: Paying for an Art Consultation
12/08/2004: Best Digital Camera for Shooting Artwork?
12/07/2004: Rescuing Paint Brushes
12/06/2004: What a Quwinky Dink
12/05/2004: 12 Hours Later
12/04/2004: Bring back the naked women!
12/03/2004: Dawn of the living dead...
12/02/2004: In progress gallery for KTOO
12/02/2004: I can literally feel my DNA aging!
12/01/2004: Quality or Quantity?
11/30/2004: Artist Trading Cards Part II
11/29/2004: Signing your artwork
11/29/2004: Osiris and Lemoni
11/28/2004: Added more images to the "In Progress" gallery
11/26/2004: Silent Night?
11/25/2004: Happy Thanksgiving / Joys of the Logan 450 Matt Cutter
11/24/2004: Making good progress
11/23/2004: Busy day not painting...
11/22/2004: New "In Progress" Gallery
11/22/2004: Draft press release
11/19/2004: The Boiler Room Closet
11/18/2004: T Minus 14
11/17/2004: Wal Mart Sucks
11/16/2004: Removing Spam from my comments
11/15/2004: Sleepy sleepy painter
11/12/2004: She's having a baby!
11/10/2004: Art show guestbooks
11/09/2004: DRY DAMMIT, DRY!
11/07/2004: New Paintings
11/05/2004: I'm all vechlempt! Talk amongst yourselves...
11/04/2004: Royal with Cheese
11/03/2004: Licking My Wounds / Turning a New Leaf
11/02/2004: Indecision 2004
10/31/2004: I Yams What I Yams
10/26/2004: Sorry for the rant...
10/25/2004: Advice for art students working towards BFA (or similar) Degrees
10/24/2004: If only I could paint what I see in my head!
10/21/2004: Distractions
10/20/2004: Paintings Versus Photography
10/19/2004: The Solo is Back ON!
10/18/2004: Fun with PhotoShop
10/18/2004: They're Baaaaack!
10/17/2004: Suffering for the Sake of Art - A Photo Blog Entry
10/15/2004: Talking about art with friends.
10/14/2004: Isolation?
10/13/2004: Alaska ON SALE! Everything Must Go!
10/12/2004: Getting started is the hardest part
10/11/2004: Ethical issues relating to commissions
10/08/2004: A Few Words of Advice
10/06/2004: Can a Night Person become a Morning Person?
10/06/2004: Dangers of Online Banking!
10/04/2004: Peep the Video
10/03/2004: How do you become a full-time artist? Answer: one step at a time!
10/01/2004: Lurkers
09/29/2004: Email Mystery
09/27/2004: Is it better to blog/journal anonymously?
09/24/2004: Last night
09/23/2004: I'd rather be watching trashy TV on the WB!
09/22/2004: Group Shows
09/21/2004: I finally did it.
09/20/2004: Nipplephobia
09/18/2004: Ho Ho Halibut
09/17/2004: Get My Shit Together Extravaganza
09/13/2004: The Fall
09/08/2004: If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying...
09/07/2004: Mud Lust
09/07/2004: Homeland
09/06/2004: Double Digit Depression
09/02/2004: A Tough Decision
09/01/2004: Who's Stlye is it Anyway?
09/01/2004: Painting Croppage
08/30/2004: New painting
08/30/2004: man I love to paint!
08/28/2004: Don't expect me to answer.
08/27/2004: An Exchange
08/27/2004: Shaun of the Dead
08/25/2004: Signing Your Artwork, a Question
08/25/2004: The Low-tide Lady
08/24/2004: Fiona Grace Hannigan / Dead Humpback / Derby winner
08/24/2004: Perfect Alaskan Night
08/23/2004: A painting or a song?
08/21/2004: I can hear the crickets chirping
08/20/2004: New page added to website, redesign continues...
08/20/2004: Slump Grump (Are we more creative when we're up or down?)
08/19/2004: Artblog at
08/18/2004: Don't be alarmed (OK, maybe be alarmed)
08/17/2004: Redesign
08/12/2004: The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen
08/10/2004: When we revise, do we "deceive and lie"?
08/10/2004: Server-side include mystery solved
08/10/2004: Is "Having a Life" a detriment for artists?
08/09/2004: Problem with server side includes
08/07/2004: Why Can't I Paint?
08/07/2004: Dirty Stinky Dishes
08/06/2004: Art Supply Order from Dick Blicks
08/05/2004: Show Me Da Proof!
08/04/2004: My brain, my brain, my brain is on fire (I don't need no water let the mother &%$@! burn)
08/04/2004: Music used in Commercials / Weird Web Stats Search Strings
08/03/2004: Your Vote Can Still Matter!
08/03/2004: Tenure Anxiety
08/02/2004: Artist Rights of Reproduction
08/02/2004: Getting prints made from originals (after they've been sold)
08/01/2004: Crampy hand
07/31/2004: Idea for a song / music video
07/30/2004: Convert digital photos to slides - YEAH!
07/30/2004: Taking a Stand / Taking Down a Show
07/29/2004: Wildly Inaccurate Assumptions/Interpretations
07/28/2004: Harmless coloful nudes or pornography?
07/27/2004: What a difference some exercise makes!
07/27/2004: What a difference a day makes.
07/25/2004: New Solos for December and April / Blogging at the DNC
07/23/2004: Blog Envy
07/22/2004: Commitment Phobic
07/21/2004: A little perspective
07/21/2004: Hairy Encounter / Hair-brained Idea?
07/20/2004: Down time vs. Discipline
07/19/2004: Still not painting / Is PhotoShop becoming a crutch?"
07/16/2004: Have you heard of the new no-carb diet?
07/15/2004: "Fahrenheit 911"
07/14/2004: Dell Power Supply Nightmare
07/14/2004: Giclee Vs. Litho
07/13/2004: A missing friend, Fred Frontier
07/13/2004: All the tempting pleasures...DENIED
07/12/2004: A few from Sandy Beach / fireweed out by the wetlands...
07/11/2004: 300+ photos later...
07/10/2004: Flying high!
07/09/2004: How did I miss this?
07/09/2004: Serendipity and art
07/08/2004: Technical question about selling art to anonymous buyers.
07/07/2004: After the ball / too much information?
07/06/2004: Caught a baaaaaad bug (not in my ear, but still gross...)
07/03/2004: A walk around Douglas Alaska
07/03/2004: My best opening reception of all time!
07/02/2004: Hanging an art exhibit
07/01/2004: Nice article in the paper
06/30/2004: Please come, Please, no really, I'm *begging* you!
06/29/2004: Theme for new series
06/28/2004: Artists Beware! ebay con-artist may be stealing your images!!!
06/28/2004: Finishing up / Tip for Title Cards / Sailing in Alaska
06/26/2004: Quick Draw Finished / Gettin Strong Now
06/25/2004: Sold my first painting from this new series...
06/25/2004: The Interview
06/24/2004: A Question about Pricing and Frames
06/23/2004: I deserve a beer! (or six)/ Exhibit Opportunity
06/22/2004: Writing a Press Release for an Art Exhibit!
06/21/2004: Summer solstice
06/20/2004: Back at the easle again
06/15/2004: Invitations at last!
06/14/2004: My sister Kelly and a new painting
06/13/2004: The Barbarian Invasion
06/10/2004: Finding the Sweet Spot!
06/09/2004: Computer Dies One Month Past Warranty!
06/08/2004: Ronald Reagan Funeral Fatigue/Business Cards
06/05/2004: Quick Draw, a terrifying proposition
06/04/2004: Sketching in the park
06/03/2004: My Epistemology ate my Paradigm Shift
06/02/2004: Traveling
06/01/2004: My Artist Statement- FIRST DRAFT AND TOO LONG I KNOW!
06/01/2004: Artist Statement Woes
05/31/2004: Help with picking out images for promotional materials!
05/30/2004: Missing out?
05/29/2004: Juneau rates high in a national quality of life study!
05/28/2004: OIL SHOCK/updated sandy beach painting.
05/28/2004: A painting that's been kicking my ass...
05/28/2004: Putting on your first Exhibit
05/27/2004: 50 years of British art lies in ashes
05/26/2004: Working Under a Deadline - Positive or Negative?
05/25/2004: Choosing the right prosumer miniDV camera
05/24/2004: Don't put all your (slides or CDs?) in one basket!
05/22/2004: More Facepainting Practice
05/22/2004: Juneau Artists Gallery
05/22/2004: Sailing away!
05/21/2004: The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
05/20/2004: Do a painting get a pellet-dangers of selling your work
05/19/2004: Blending techniques/Mediums/Brushes etc.
05/18/2004: Sailing - Question about paper - More info on Painting on Wood
05/18/2004: Is getting gallery representation vital for serious artists?
05/17/2004: Oh *%$!!@!
05/17/2004: Facepainting 101
05/16/2004: Having Artist Friends
05/15/2004: Reworked painting Under the Devil's Club
05/14/2004: Traditional Gesso Ground on a Panel (and a bit about canvas at the end)
05/13/2004: I Could Catch a Monkey!
05/13/2004: Linen vs. Cotton Duct Canvas vs. Panel vs. ???
05/12/2004: No News is Good News?
05/10/2004: Free From TV DAY!...
05/10/2004: Pet Peeve #3 - Cashiers Who Insist on Making Small Talk
05/10/2004: Are All Artists Exhibitionists and Egomaniacs?
05/09/2004: Alternative to Liquin
05/07/2004: Hey! Who Switched My Masterpiece with this Crap? (Ode to bad lighting)
05/06/2004: Are you Suffering from FUPA? (Frequent Uncontrollable Pallet Anxiety)
05/05/2004: Dead Ravens...sign full of portent?
05/04/2004: 10.5 (should come with vomit warning label and air sickness bag)
05/04/2004: Two newly started paintings
05/04/2004: Poem generator
05/03/2004: Another package in the mail!
05/03/2004: Help with RSS
05/02/2004: Graduation Day/10.5
05/01/2004: Year end meeting for video production club
04/30/2004: Ooops
04/30/2004: The kindness of strangers...
04/30/2004: Good day bad day
04/29/2004: Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! (plus a brush cleaning tip)
04/26/2004: Feedback Desperately Needed for Works in Progress
04/21/2004: A better photo
04/21/2004: A Little Perspective
04/21/2004: Disaster Strikes!
04/20/2004: I am a grammar god!
04/20/2004: The new paints kick ass!
04/19/2004: Studio Organization
04/19/2004: Anti-consumerism experiment breaks down...
04/18/2004: Brush holder tip!
04/17/2004: Hear me roar!
04/16/2004: Beautiful Day in the Studio! (photo blog entry)
04/15/2004: Help with Mailing List of Next Exhibit
04/14/2004: Art is the loneliest number that you'll ever know...
04/14/2004: This morning's drawing...
04/13/2004: Are You an Art Snob? Five Signs to Watch For!
04/12/2004: Alarming side affects from using too much PhotoShop
04/12/2004: Another Drawing of Cillian Murphy from 28 Days Later
04/11/2004: Ah Screw it!
04/10/2004: Another Cillian Murphy Drawing
04/10/2004: Coffee and more Cillian Murphy
04/08/2004: Another Night another Cillian Murphy Drawing
04/08/2004: Perception is a funny thing...
04/08/2004: Weapons of Mass Destruction part II
04/08/2004: Cillian Murphy Drawing from "On the Edge"
04/07/2004: Frodo Failed
04/05/2004: OK guys, you HAVE to see this!
04/05/2004: The Secret Lives of Librarians
04/04/2004: How to Ruin a Painting in 5 minutes or Less!
04/02/2004: Dream Camera
04/01/2004: Artist Trading Cards - Wild Alaskan Horses Attacked my Truck
03/31/2004: Taxes! In need of advice for small art business!
03/30/2004: It's not all glaciers and northern lights!
03/24/2004: Funny art school story...
03/23/2004: Help with Copyright Issues (for Visual Artists)
03/23/2004: Will Power vs. Inspiration
03/22/2004: Want to buy Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction?
03/21/2004: Anti-consumerist Day 1 (no shakes yet)
03/20/2004: Goodbye Material Girl
03/20/2004: Kill Rock Stars
03/19/2004: One Drunk, Two Drunk, Mean Drunk, Blue Drunk
03/18/2004: Disco Pigs
03/17/2004: Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad
03/16/2004: Suicide Pact -- You First
03/15/2004: Downward spiral?
03/14/2004: YEE HAW! Another day, another painting...
03/13/2004: The Canon XL1s
03/13/2004: New drawing of Cillian Murphy
03/12/2004: Specialist Vs. Expert Part II
03/11/2004: A Photo Blog Entry/Condolences for Madrid
03/11/2004: Specialist or Generalist?
03/10/2004: Put a fork in me
03/09/2004: Self Improvement?
03/08/2004: A surprise from my sister
03/07/2004: 28 Days Later
03/06/2004: Fun with Green Screens
03/05/2004: The Unoriginal
03/04/2004: New theme for series of paintings.
03/03/2004: Beware the Kirby Vaccum Salesperson!
03/01/2004: Added a new page to this site
02/28/2004: Investigating books on classical painting techniques
02/26/2004: Fighting fires is fun!
02/26/2004: Photos of the library where I work, University of Alaska Southeast
02/23/2004: Help prevent another Toxic Avenger!
02/22/2004: Three new paintings
02/21/2004: Framing
02/18/2004: Time to clean
02/17/2004: A Cool Surprise
02/16/2004: the Blink is back!
02/16/2004: Zazzle
02/14/2004: Fundamentalist Mormons Make Me MAD!
02/12/2004: Does rejection ever get any easier?
02/11/2004: Editing and Yoga Balls
02/09/2004: Weekend spent painting
02/05/2004: JUMP (Juneau Underground Motion Picture) Showing, Art openings, and shrimp
02/03/2004: Studed boots, falling, and goldrush photos of Douglas Alaska
01/31/2004: First Photos with new Blink II
01/30/2004: The Ravens Stole Me Meatballs, and other tales
01/24/2004: Speedy G's kick ass rubber boots. (and screw Bush)
01/18/2004: Started a new painting
01/17/2004: Shakespeare and Tlingit Culture
01/15/2004: Glow Bubbles, Crop Circles and Tiny Heads
01/14/2004: Feeling the Muse!
01/13/2004: Greymatter opensource software for blogging
01/12/2004: Lunch Break
01/12/2004: Very Productive Sunday
01/10/2004: Got my first mixed CD!
01/06/2004: Taking better photos
01/05/2004: Sailing
01/02/2004: Masterpiece Vincent Masterwrap
01/01/2004: Make a mixed CD for me please!
12/28/2003: Ordering pre-streched canvases
12/22/2003: Talking with my sister
12/20/2003: Late Late at night, or early depending on...
12/19/2003: Home again Home again Jiggidy Jig
12/14/2003: Northern Indulgence
12/14/2003: Northern Indulgence
12/13/2003: Yeah!
12/12/2003: Model Art "Angel Star"
12/09/2003: Possession
12/08/2003: AY! ME BACK IS KILLUN ME!
12/06/2003: Hidden Alien Productions
12/04/2003: Taku Winds
12/03/2003: Lights, camera, depression
12/03/2003: Price list
12/02/2003: Substitution Chart
12/01/2003: Back to work
11/30/2003: Greymatter weblogging software
11/30/2003: November 28nd, 2003
11/30/2003: November 27nd, 2003
11/30/2003: November 26nd, 2003
11/30/2003: November 24nd, 2003
11/30/2003: November 22nd, 2003