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01/12/2004: "Lunch Break"

I drove home during my lunch break to see if my shipment of canvases and frames had arrived from Dick Blick and they had. So far, the Vincent Masterpiece canvases look like they might be ok, except for the three sized 24 x 36, it's an akward shape, I'm not sure what I was thinking there. Also, the back brace is right up against the canvas so I'm afraid I might get the line problem I mentioned before. Oh Well, I'll give them a try. Maybe I'll use the big ones for the tide paintings.

The easle still hasn't arrive but hopefully it will be coming in soon.

Also, I received another mixed CD, this one from Thomas in London. It just came in and I'm at work so I can't listen to it just yet but I'm sure it will be great. ]

Two things to remember though, if you're going to do the mixed CD exchange with me:

A. Please include a return address if you want me to send you the mixed tape I've created.
B. Please include some info about the songs, for example, the name of the song, band, and CD title.

That will help me a lot, so I can look up and purchase the CD if I like one of the artists a lot.

Anyway, keep them coming...this is very fun for me. I'm still waiting on the two songs to add to finish my mixed CD so patience please.

On another note, any advice on what to do when a judgemental family member starts to read your blog???

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on Tuesday, January 13th, Glenn said

"when a judgemental family member starts to read your blog" - that's fine.
When they start getting judgemental, you tell them, "Judge not lest ye be judged".
What is their problem?

on Tuesday, January 13th, Elise said

Thanks Glenn, that's good advice.

Her problem was that I posted a photo and wrote a few nice comments about an old family friend who was very famous in the 50s and 60s.

I didn't even know that my older sister was reading this and she sent me a mean email saying "I just read
your blog and thought WHAT world does she live in?" and basically went on to accuse me of lying, stealing, and being a phony.

I guess I had a few minor details wrong but it really hurt my feelings. grrrr

on Sunday, January 25th, subi said


so, who is this famous family friend? i'm so curious!

i would just remind yr. sis that everyone's 'truth' and memory of events is different...
and to relax...