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01/15/2004: "Glow Bubbles, Crop Circles and Tiny Heads"

I worked on a painting tonight and something about the face was bothering me, so I completely re-did it and now the nose, mouth, eyes and ears are all porportional to each other but after several hours I stepped away from the canvas only to notice that I ended up making the head much too small for the rest of the body. Even still, it looks better than before.

After painting for most of the night I decided to watch a show I Tivo'd on the History Channel called "Crop Circle Controversies". It was facinating. My favorite part was when they talked about a phenomenon that was often reported before the discovery of crop circles which look like glowing balls or bubbles in the air. They showed some photos of them and they're awesome. I've been looking online for images of them for the past 30 minutes but I couldn't find anything. I'm not sure if I'm calling them the right thing or not.

But, surfing around I found A LOT of cool images of

crop circles.

I think I'd like to paint some glow balls and crop circles. I've always loved aerial shots of things. I grew up in Nebraska and flying over all the corn fields it was so beautiful. I love to see crop rotations from the air.

aerview2 (10k image) aerialcrop (10k image)

Just an idea. Anyway, if anyone knows where I could find some photos of lights that look like glowing bubbles in the night sky (down at ground level, not clear up in the sky) then let me know.

I wonder what makes crop circles anyway?

I bought that movie "Signs" awhile back and I'm not ashamed to say it scared the hell out of me. I was watching it late at night and I actually had to turn off the TV and finish watching it in the daytime...and it takes a lot to scare me. I think it's just because I've always been really afraid of being taken away by aliens. I have a very strong memory as a child of seeing a UFO but now I think it was all probably just in my mind. We were sleeping out in our back yard in sleeping bags without tents. I saw something and it was terrifying. Who knows, it could have been anything, I was pretty young. All I know is I've been freaked out by the idea ever since.

Great, now I've freaked myself out again and it's bed time. Wish me luck! (I used to think that once you knew that alien visitors were real they would know that you knew and chose that time to come and get you and wipe your memory out). If I can't remember this entry tomorrow morning I'll know why.

Maybe I've just been sniffing too much Liquin?

Nighty nite!

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on Wednesday, May 26th,">William T Green said

I have been trying to find info. on these "glow balls'. I have photos, some are truly amazing. Any info. would be helpfull.