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04/21/2004: "Disaster Strikes!"

Remember how just a few days ago I said that Prussian Blue was the most difficult color to remove from white carpeting!?? I was wrong...Alizarin Crimson is! Osiris jumped on top of my pallet tonight and got one all four of his paws covered in my brand new incredibly pigment loaded paints, not to mention that the pallet itself slid off the table, face down, only half of which landed on my painting tarp. Next I preceeded to chase Osiris around the house so that now there are dark crimson paw prints over the entire livingroom/dining room/kitchen floor (including the only nice thing I own, a hand woven kilim carpet I bought in Morocco).

I tried to clean the paint from underneath his claws and ended up getting the hell scratched out of me. Now he's crying in the bathroom and I think I'm coming down with the flu and I have no clue how to approach this situation except to just say screw it and deal with the fact I'm going to have to get the carpets replaced if I ever go to sell the house. I feel like crying.