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Home » Archives » May 2004 » Hey! Who Switched My Masterpiece with this Crap? (Ode to bad lighting)

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05/07/2004: "Hey! Who Switched My Masterpiece with this Crap? (Ode to bad lighting)"

Why is it you can be working on a painting until 3am, to the point where you canít stop looking at it and you think itís so bloody brilliant you canít believe that it came from youÖ

Only to wake up the next day to find that your masterpiece was replaced during the night with a hackneyed piece of derivative pooh? I canít tell you how often that happens to me because itís pretty much every night. I think I need to get better lighting because maybe whatís happening is that I canít see very well and then in the light of day all my boo boos are more apparent. I donít know though, I kind of like painting in the dark.

Iím curious, do people use special lighting in their ďstudiosĒ (even if your studio is only a half a tabletop in amongst laundry and computer bits and bobs)?. I normally just use a regular light fixture and I try to use those Reveal bulbs because I think they have less yellow in themÖbut Iím always seeing special studio lighting lamps advertised and I wonder do they make a difference?

Truthfully, I don't think lighting can be 100% to blame...for off colors, yes, but not for lame ideas...I guess there is probably the asphyxiation factor to consider as well, even with my new fan that Liquin does a number on me, and I can't place any blame on the thin air, as Juneau/Douglas is at sea level.

Speaking of which, tourist season just kicked in. We got our first couple of cruise ships this week. A lot of people I know work in the tourist industry over the summer, driving tour buses and the like. The passengers all come in by cruise ship and then they ask "What elevation are we at?". They also ask questions like "Do they accept American money here?" and "Why don't they clean that dirt off the glacier?". I'm not making these up folks, these are STANDARD questions we get here. DOH!