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05/13/2004: "I Could Catch a Monkey!"

I watched the first season of The Office this afternoon and it was so hilarious (see my review) I couldn't believe it! I'm sure I'm way behind the times now, as the second season is already out on DVD, but better late than never. Can anyone tell me if it's still going on or were there only two seasons? I could probably look it up but tonight I feel like I've been pricked by a dart dipped in frog venom.

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on Sunday, May 16th, Dio said

Excellent isn't it! I was wondering how it would fare with and American audience, giving its very British hunour and situations - Isn't it advertised over there as the 'comedy without the laugh track'?

The second series is even better. It spirals out of control and has some of the funniest non-gags ever. There were also two Christmas specials on last year - which resolved the series perfectly - I think it was about 90 mins in total. Otherwise, that's it.

The reason they are so short is the old European style vs The American style of sitcom, as in teams vs single writers. Both work, but it is pretty much the norm over here to just have the 6 episodes per season.

I would heartily recommend series 2 though - and check out the BBC website for more stuff - the Wernham and Hogg newsletter is a favourite.

Isn't there to be an American remake? That will be interesting... :)

on Sunday, May 16th,">Elise said

Oh, bummer. I'm sad to hear the series isn't going on anymore; I'll have to see if I can get a hold of season two somehow (CAN'T WAIT!).

I don't know how they advertised it here because I don't get the BBC (you need a dish in my town). I got the first season as a gift. I was at a bon fire last night and I asked if anyone had seen it before and all the people with satellite were raving on and on about how much they love it (as well as all the various British comedies) but these are intellectual, liberal ex-hippy types..I'm not sure how the average Joe in the conservative Mid West would enjoy it.

On the other point, I HATE it when producers over here try to revamp (i.e. dumb down) a successful British show for a US audience. They almost always SUCK horribly! If I had the money I'd get a dish tomorrow, but being in Alaska you have to buy this really expensive monster sized thing. Thank god for boxed sets!