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08/03/2004: "Your Vote Can Still Matter!"

Alaska is a red state with zero chance of bestowing its *gargantuan* prize (of three electoral votes) to Kerry. This has always depressed me, because if you compound this with the fact that there is a 4 hour time difference between Alaska and the East Coast, the winner is usually already declared (sometime erroneously) before I can even get to the polls.

This year however, there is an extremely close race (perhaps the closest in the country) for a seat on the US. Senate. It all started when Frank Murkowski (R) was elected as the new governor of Alaska while still serving his term on the US Senate. He turned around and appointed his daughter Lisa, as the new US. Senator to take his place.

Now she's going to have to get re-elected on her own steam, against a very popular two term governor, Tony Knowles (D). So far the polls are very close, many showing that Knowles has a slight lead. And so, for the first time since I took 7 hours to intricately carve a Halloween pumpkin (stolen only hours after it's grand lighting ceremony) to say "Vote Ulmer" (Frank Murkowski's competition for governor), I have a chance to do some hard core campaigning for a candidate who stands a good chance at winning, possibly (hopefully) even leading to a shift in control of the US senate. There will be 34 United States Senate races in 2004, fifteen Republican seats are at risk and nineteen Democratic seats are at risk. The current division is 51(R) to 48(D) with one Independent.

So, if you are a US citizen with the ability to vote, check here to see if there is a senatorial race going on in your state, and what you can do to get involved. (I'm making a leap here that you're liberal...if you aren't, just ignore this post with my apologies)...

I am going to get involved in this race in a big way, go to meet-ups, read Knowles's Blog for Alaska, make phone calls, take out flyers, put up signs, bumper stickers, contribute money to his campaign, convince every person I know in the state to vote, give rides to the polls, register voters, whatever it takes. If he loses, at least I'll have fought the fight.

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on Wednesday, August 4th,">Steve said

I like the idea of getting involved in a campaign but so far I haven't made time for it. I always think that I will but it just never happens. For one thing, there never seem to be close elections where I live but that shouldn't make me apathetic.

It's cool that you have such a close race. Good luck with it.

on Wednesday, August 4th,">Elise said

Yah, it's tough to get worked up for a campaign you know you're doomed to lose, but who knows...miracles can happen?

Where do you live again? Are there any close Senate or House races this year?

on Wednesday, August 4th, John said

Ny's senate race will probably be easily won by the democratic incumbent. What's up with that site, it only lists democratic and republican candidates? In races for things other than president independants CAN win. And electing independents to lower office is the only way we can enable third parties to have a chance at a future bid for the white house, so we can have an actual choice, and not simply choose the lesser of two evils.

on Wednesday, August 4th,">Elise said

You're right John, I just found that site doing a quick and dirty google search to see how control of the senate might be affected by a knowles win here. I didn't look at it that closely to see about third party representatives being included or not. If you find a good link for that let me know. I normally go to but haven't been there in awhile.