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08/19/2004: "Artblog at"

I've had a free gallery at for several years now and though I haven't sold any work through them, I have gotten a small amount of traffic to my site. Today I got an email from them announcing their artblog at

I've checked it out and looks like artists don't have their own journals hosted through them, but that you sign up for an account and then you can post to their blog and other artists who are signed up can respond. It looks interesting, I'll have to check it out better when I have time.

It reminded me of a critique type blog that has been up for years and years at called Critique Center (on left side nav bar, no direct linking) where you can upload an image and other artists will critique it for you. I did it quite a bit for awhile, but then I got burnt out on it. Too many opinions from too many people who I didn't know. I like it when I get feedback but it's more meaningful if it's from someone I know or someone who's work I admire.

Well, better get going into my job. I'll have to wait until tonight to tweak my blog software but at least I fixed the broken links I was getting last night. Sorry for the ugly yellow text color in the comments section. That's a style sheet problem I'll also get to tonight.

One last thing, I'm officially a member of the graphic designer team (as a volunteer) for the Tony Knowles campaign (D for US Senate) although I haven't been given my first assignment yet.