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11/22/2004: "Draft press release"

Well, the boiler room seems to have done the trick; the paintings' base coats are dry at last! I've spent the weekend working on the canvases that had been dry from before. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how long you work on a painting, spending hours and hours on something doesn't guarantee it's going to look good.

Still, two of the paintings do look very good I think. Another has potential. I'm going to start working on the boiler room canvases on Monday. At least I have an image to send to the paper...and a press release, though I think the press release sounds kind of lame but hey, I'm already late getting it in.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Elise Tomlinson
Date: November 21, 2004 Phone: 364-3694


Alluvial is defined as: relating to the deposits made by flowing water; washed away from one place and deposited in another. An accurate description of new oil paintings by Elise Tomlinson, inspired by aerial views of coves around Douglas and Admiralty Islands at low tide.

On a flight from Juneau to Kake Alaska, Tomlinson noticed how amazing the shorelines looked from the air. Unfortunately, she didnt have a camera with her at the time and had no way of capturing the images except in her memory.

Weeks later, after talking to the bush pilot who had flown her to Kake, and after hours of studying maps and tide tables, she asked a friend with a small plane to take her back up to search for the tides again. The trip was a success, resulting in hundreds of colorful photographs.

Ive been painting the human figure almost exclusively for as long as I can remember so its exciting to find another subject that I feel as connected to. She said. I bought a sailboat several years ago and learning to sail has definitely given me a new respect for tides, and especially low tides.

Tomlinson will show 10 or more of her new paintings as well as the photographs which inspired them, December 3rd-31st at the KTOO Community Room, located at 360 Egan Dr., next door to the State Museum. The show opens December 3rd, First Friday, from 4:30-8:00 p.m.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Monday, November 22nd, Marja-Leena said

Sounds good to me! Good luck with the paintings! I sure would not want to be doing so much new work just before a show. :)

on Monday, November 22nd, Elise said

Thanks Marja-Leena,
I don't want to be doing so much new work right before a show either.

At least the painting is going pretty well and I already know exactly how I want the finished pieces to look.

If I didn't know what I was going to be painting at this point it would be impossible.