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11/23/2004: "Busy day not painting..."

Well, I worked my ass off today but didn't get a chance to paint at all. So, what did I do?

I finished writing and sending out my press release, phoned (yes, I initiated a call!) Jeff Brown at KTOO to finalize a few details about when I can hang the show and the hours of the opening etc. (great guy), designed my invitations, picked out the photographs I want to have printed out to display at the show along side the paintings (nine of them, and I'm getting them printed out on plain old glossy photo paper), I purchased 5 sheets of matt board and a couple new brushes at the art store (living with a debit card as opposed to credit has forced me to live within my means, which sucks...for example, I have to use old frames removing all the art that currently lives in them, and cut all the matts myself).

Plus I had to drive out to the university to merge the front and back sides of the postcards as I don't have the right program to do it from home (I ended up having to create two postcard templates in PhotoShop, one for front, one for back...then save them as PDF and merge them in Adobe Acrobat to make them print double sided).

I also had to update my mailing list and cut many names from it as I can't afford to have as many printed up this time as I did for the last show and ended up sending out a huge mass email. Afterwards I printed the labels and bought some more postcard stamps as well as some gauzy pink/orange fabric to hang over the florescent (yes florescent) lighting where I'm having the show. I think it will take the edge off.

Tomorrow first thing in the morning I'm taking the CD to the print shop, them I'm getting into heavy duty painting mode. I'm not answering the phone or leaving the house except to eat next door at the Douglas Cafe (no cooking this week either) and every once in awhile to stand on the porch to get fresh air since my house currently smells like an oil paint factory.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you need to get oil paintings to dry lickity split, just hang them in the furnace/boiler room with a fan for a day and SHAZAM!

Note to self: Must quit drinking orange juice and vodka. Just cause there's orange juice in there doesn't make it good for me.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, November 23rd, RR said

Well done you, sounds like you have really got into the work. Hope the exhibition goes really well. Stay on the vodka - if it's working...cheers!

on Tuesday, November 23rd, Elise said

Hee hee, thanks RR!

You know, I've really got into the work but now I need to get more into the painting.

on Wednesday, November 24th, holly said

No, it's the vodka that makes it good for you! :-D