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01/16/2005: "First Painting Using Gessoboard"

Well, tomorrow is the deadline for submissions for the Erotica show and I just started my entry for it tonight. I had fun though, I don't normally do erotica plus, painting on Gessoboard is a dream! I've had problems with painting on panel in the past, for one thing the panels tended to warp, it took too much time to gesso both sides of the board 5 times each, plus sanding, only to have a surface that was too absorbtive.

These preprimed Gessoboards are smooth and so nice to paint on. I wish my acrylics had arrived so I could do the underpaintings more quickly, as it is I'm not sure I'll be finished by tomorrow afternoon. Too bad too, because the painting is going to be pretty good (I think).

I'll post a photo of it tomorrow after I've had a chance to work on it a bit more.

It has been snowing all day and night. It's beautiful outside. I'm basically stuck with no shovel and no 4 wheel drive but I don't mind at all. I have plenty of hot cocoa and enough painting supplies to last for months!

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on Monday, January 17th, Howard said

I have some Gessoboard kicking around here but I haven't used any of it. It seems like it would be a bit of a waste to just cover it up with plaster and clay.

on Monday, January 17th, Elise said

Hey Howard, I'm guessing that using the primed stuff for your pieces with plaster and clay isn't the best use for it, do you ever think about painting 2-d surfaces again?

It must seem pretty boring after what you're working with now. Still, there's something really great about a perfectly smooth surface.

on Tuesday, January 18th, Howard said

I do have some ideas for paintings, but it's pretty large scale stuff that I can't really do at the moment.