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01/25/2005: "Worse than I remembered"

I decided to run down to the JAHC gallery to pick up my entry this morning and bring it home to finish over the weekend. Damn! I'm glad I did. It looks much worse in the light of day than I remembered...I can't believe quite frankly that it made it into the show. I saw some of the other accepted pieces while I was there to pick it up and some of them were amazing.

I went out for coffee with my friend who works there and she agreed that the piece needs some work, she also said it should be no problem if I want to work on it and bring it back on Monday.

On another note, I watched Lost Boys this morning. I was a sophomore in high school when that movie came out. I remember I thought Corey Hiam was hot. I even had the sound track which I listened to a lot, I still know all the words to all the songs! Watching it again as an adult was like having an acid flashback.