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02/26/2005: "Bridal Shower"

I took a break from painting this afternoon to attend my friend Amelia's bridal shower (she's in the blue dress). I normally *hate* this kind of thing but it was actually really fun. I got to take the photographs and run the video camera so I didn't have to get involved in any of the games which was perfect for me. Plus it was held at my friend Jen's house (picking up the yellow tea pot) and she only lives 2 blocks away in a really cute condo with an incredible view of the Channel. Now I'm back home at back at the easel. Just taking a brief break to post some pictures proving I actually do girly things on occasion.

bridal-amelia (30k image) bridal-gowns (30k image) bridal-tea (27k image)

bridal-lea (29k image) bridal-oxana (32k image)

bridal-conversation (30k image) bridal-teapot (33k image)