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03/03/2005: "How to fake an appreciation for art! (and other tales, like why I won't call you back anytime soon)"

I was up until 3:00am last night trying to finish the cat and raven painting, which should have only taken 10 minutes. It was one of those situations where I was tired and working under a deadline and I was making more mistakes than I was fixing.

I went to deliver it to KTOO this morning but as soon as I got out into daylight, I noticed a visible streak in the paint coverage of one of the areas of negative space between the tree branches. I *had* to be at the university (If you want to see the gorgeous campus where I work, take the Virtual Tour) at 8:30am for a distance education conference so I had to make a decision...take the painting to the gallery as it was, or not enter it at all. After all the work I (we) did on it, I decided to exhibit it anyway! Maybe I'll slip into the gallery during the opening tomorrow with a paintbrush tucked in my jacket and fix it quickly while no one is looking!

I have *another* opening I'm supposed to attend tomorrow as well...that ephemeral art project is starting at the Juneau Douglas City Museum. They're having two art openings for it, one for First Friday, where all the artists involved are supposed to get together for a mixer...and another at the end of the month when all the pieces are completed. After the second opening, they'll paint over the works and that will be that. It should be really interesting but I already feel my anti-social gene kicking into overdrive.

On a different note, I cleaned up my links list on the left, added a few new blogs, and took off a couple I don't really read anymore. I did a search to see who's linking to me and found I'm on a lot of strange randomly generated pages for all kinds of stuff, my favorite was a list of resources on : How to fake an appreciation for art. Don't let your art history students find that one Holly!

Another new (legitimate) site linking to me (which I think is very cool) is the Alaska Peninsula Coastal Fisherman's Association.

When I first moved to Juneau almost 6 years ago I went out on a date with a cute lobbyist for this association (I think, it might have been the Bering Straight Fisherman's Association) but anyway, the date went great, I was excited because he called me a day or two later to go out again and left a message for me to call him back. DISASTER!

Anyone who's read my "100 Things" list knows I'm phobic about calling people on the phone...but I really really liked him so I worked up my courage over the course of a week or so and finally did call him back and I got his answering machine. I left the most unbelievably crazy/hysterical phone message of all time. It was just incredibly horrid and, long story short, I never heard from him again. Sigh...

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on Friday, March 4th, Dave from Nebraska said

Bering "Straight" Fisherman's Association? As opposed to Bering "Gay" Fisherman's Association?
Thanks for the link.

on Friday, March 4th, Elise said

Ooops, was that a typo or Freudian slip?

What I meant (from

Bering Strait:

A narrow stretch of water separating Alaska from Siberia and connecting the Arctic Ocean with the Bering Sea. It is believed that during prehistoric times the strait formed a land bridge by which the original inhabitants of North America arrived from Asia.


on Friday, March 4th, Anna L. Conti said

I'm phobic about phone calls, too. My sympathies to you.

Are we going to get to see the final version of that painting?

on Friday, March 4th, Elise said

It looks very similar to the blue/green version already posted but I'll take a photo of it at the gallery tonight and posted it tomorrow.