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03/23/2005: "Joys of *not* having a show..."

As many of you pointed out, having my exhibit cancelled might be a good thing in the end. For example, last night I was able to go out for pizza for a friend's birthday party, drink stout, and laugh the belly laugh of the carefree...I haven't had time to do that in months. I've also had time to start cleaning house for my guest, who will be leaving DC this afternoon and *finally* got to watch Shaun of the Dead which was hilarious and totally lived up to my expectations (Thanks Danel for the loaner).

The paintings are still eyeing me like the prom dresses of spurned high school girls, but I'll deal with them in a week or two. For now, all seems well with my little world (just please please please don't make me watch any more news of Bush and Co. talking about the sanctity of life, I'll go off the deep end...I loved Jon Stewart's observation many months ago that the goal of the Bush administration is to spread irony around the globe).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who left comments or emailed me in the past couple of was great of everyone to be so helped me keep things in perspective which is not one of my strong suits but people have probably guessed that about me by now. Even my cavity seems to be in a better mood this morning...

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on Thursday, March 24th, Mary said

I loved Shaun of the Dead too. It was the best zombie movie I've seen in a long time.