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06/04/2005: "A walk around Douglas"

Went for a walk tonight to take some shots of the old waterpump from the gold mining days for a commission I'm trying to finish up (haven't started the one yet for the radio auction)...

I took a bunch and I think they all turned out pretty good. The last shot is looking back towards downtown Juneau with a couple cruise ships still docked.

water-pump-bird (50k image)

waterpump-sand (35k image)

water-pump-close (41k image)

juneau (64k image)

Replies: 19 Comments

on Sunday, June 5th, dave from Nebraska said

Nice pics. Very nice.
All verticals because of your blog layout?

on Sunday, June 5th, Elise said

Hey Dave, thanks, actually they're all verticals because of the size and orientation of the painting I'm doing. I need background images for a nude I'm doing to finish up a commission.

They really wanted the waterpump to be in it somewhere. As for the one shot of downtown, I wanted to get the mountains and the flowers, so vertical worked best.

on Sunday, June 5th, Dio said

Wowsers - great shots. The top on is awesome.

on Sunday, June 5th, Elise said

Thanks Dio, the waterpump is one of my favorite things to photograph and paint.

on Sunday, June 5th, RR said

These are fantastic Elise. You really should joing flickr

on Sunday, June 5th, RR said

...and share these views (flickr_dot_com)

on Sunday, June 5th, Elise said

Thanks RR, I hadn't thought of that but maybe I should join, I've been hearing a lot about it, I saw the work you posted there (great job as always)...just one more thing to add to my list of "to dos".

on Sunday, June 5th,">greg said

I like 'em a lot! Nice moods and color even with the mists hanging over the cruise ships! "Norgweign Sky?" I have fond memories of seeing the fireworks on the 4th from her stern with that view, in 2001!

on Sunday, June 5th, Elise said

You were in Juneau for the 4th? We usually have anywhere from 3-4 cruise ships in port everyday of the week during the summer.

Did you enjoy the Inside Passage?

on Monday, June 6th, subi said

beautiful! i wanna be your new roomie! :P

on Monday, June 6th, Elise said

Wouldn't that be a blast? Just like old times, we could even track down Rod and see if he'd be interested in re-living his youth.
Have you heard that he's a sommelier now, he did (is still doing) a residency in Nappa Valley I believe.

on Tuesday, June 7th, holly said

Did I really not comment on how beautiful these photos are?!? They're so painterly and gorgeous! I envy your locale!

...this is not my functional brain...

on Tuesday, June 7th, Charlie said

The first and third ones are beautiful, would make great paintings.

on Tuesday, June 7th, Jackie said

Long time, no comment. I love the photos. I especially love the 3rd one, with the close-up of the pump, and the 1st one - with the reeds in the foreground. I can't wait to see the paintings you do from these!

I've been sparse lately - I committed to teaching a mask-making workshop at my friend's art school in Montana. I leave this Thurs. - do a presentation Frid. eve at the public library, then a 2-day workshop on the weekend. I've forgotten how much work is involved in teaching! I've been working on the lesson plans/presentation, gathering materials, etc. for the past 2 months now!
Oh - and good call on deciding to do the art show next month! You can just vent all your fears and frustrations on us, your gentle readers and harshest critics! Save your friendship with Jen! :crazy:

on Tuesday, June 7th, Elise said

Thanks Holly, my locale really is amazing; I took those photos from about 2 1/2 blocks from my house, down near the Douglas boat harbor.

Juneau, Douglas, Thane, and Auke Bay are all part of the City and Borough of Juneau and yet each place has such a different feel. Douglas is full of quirky little houses with crab pots sitting in tiny front yards and trailered boats lining the road. There are always people out walking around, talking with the neighbors, going to the neighborhood bars (we have 2 now)...

Other parts of town (aside from downtown Juneau) donít seem nearly as interesting or special to me. Theyíre just sprawling neighborhoods of ordinary looking houses with big yards. Iím just so thrilled to be living where I am!

on Tuesday, June 7th, Elise said

Oh, while I was commenting on Holly's remark 2 more comments came in...didn't mean to ignore you!

First off, I agree with both Charlie and Jackie that the first and third turned out the best. I'm looking forward to doing this commission even though there is a figure in the painting and the pumphouse won't be the main focal I might revisit these to do a strict landscapeish type thing at a latter date.

And Jackie, long time no hear is right! I've gone and checked out your blog on a number of occasions but you haven't been posting. I was hoping all was well with you. Teaching is a crazy amount of work but I'm sure you'll do a fantastic time. Be sure to take photos and post them on your blog or in flickr for us!

on Wednesday, June 8th,">Jackie said

Yeah - I guess I've been pretty much of a 'lurker' of late. In May, I went to Kodiak to assist my elderly mother in moving out of her house of 35 years into an apartment. Then this whole Montana thing. But I"m looking forward to it! I will take pictures - tho judging by the poor quality of my last digital photos - I don't know how 'postable' they'll be! I'm a terrible blogger, BTW - I'd rather read every one else's blogs, and post comments!
Thanks! :)

on Wednesday, June 8th, greg said

I cant figure out how you people can blog, read all those other blogs, and still have time for other things? :confused:

Regarding the inside passage and your locale, It was amazingly beautiful that July and Mendenhall Glacier was AWESOME! ...and so accessible. I would paint it everyday... like Monet's Haystacks.

Skagway and Glacier Bay were great. Ketchikan rained.

The outside passage back was a high seas Rock and Roller! Many people were seasick, but I went out on forwad deck and enjoyed the needle blast of horizontal rain! ah...LIFE!

on Wednesday, June 8th, Elise said

Hey Jackie, that was nice of you to help your mom out, probably a ton of work involved but I bet it was nice being back in Kodiak.

I'm sure Montana will be great, and even poor quality digital images will be enough to get an idea of how things went. Looking forward to it.

And Greg, I blog like this: Get up early for work, make coffee, read blogs, comment, respond to comments made in my blog, check email etc. then go into work.

2. a couple times a day at work, usually during lunchtime and again before I go home in late afternoon, I check in, respond to comments, read other people's comments in the the blogs I like, etc.

3. I have about a half hour commute home and when I get home or later in the night is when I usually write a new entry for my blog and I post it before I go to bed. Check for comments in previous posts etc.

I'm probably online too much but really it doesn't take up too much time at all, 10 minutes here and there, it's a nice way to break up the day.

Also, glad you liked the Inside Passage, me too!