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06/14/2005: "FOUND!"

I've been feeling unsettled about my stolen camera; I really never expected something like that in my town, even my friends here have said that having it stolen seemed unlikely. Well, after searching every place I could think of I finally decided to call and make a police report this morning. An officer just called me back. She said she had been going over past reports and found one from Fred Myers (a store I had been shopping in on the day it went missing). She said that someone had turned in to Customer Service a Black Panasonic Lumix camera in a hard grey carrying case. That's *my* camera! She gave me the number of the person who has the camera now and they're on their lunch break and will call me as soon as they get back.

My faith in humanity has been restored!

I'm going to be soooo careful with it now that I (almost) have it back. Tonight I'm going on a wild photo taking orgy! Be prepared!!!

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on Tuesday, June 14th, greg said

Bingo! yay!! wow~! That's so great! With such artist favor in the wind, perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket ... or maybe getta job. But then I couldn't hang out so much in these new fangled blog spaces :hehe:

Cant wait phor some photos phrom u.
I request some Mendenhall Gla-cee-ay!

on Tuesday, June 14th, Dio said

Nice one, that's some good news, I don't know what I do if I lost my one. It'd be a while before I was able to replace it.

Enjoy the orgy!

on Tuesday, June 14th, Elise said

Yah, I take my camera with me everywhere...not having it these past days has been akin to an amputation; I'm constantly reaching for it, only to stop and sort of gasp in disbelief that it's gone.

Well, now I can't get ahold of the woman at the store who supposedly has it so I'll wait till I have it in my hot little hands before I do too much rejoicing.

This time in Anchorage I left this cute little bag in a hippish cafe at closing time. My friend and I were the last out and I left it hanging on the back of my chair.

I called as soon as I got home and left a message. They called the next day to say they had it. I went to pick it up and when I got there, suddenly they didn't have it anymore. I argued and argued with them, everyone looking guiltily around saying "i don't have it" or "i never saw it" etc.

Finally I said "look, my passport was in that bag and stealing a passport is a federal offense with mandatory jail time so I'd suggest giving another look around before I report you to the authorities" and they said "oh, wait a minute" went in back and mysteriously the bag reappeared!

on Tuesday, June 14th, dave from Nebraska said

You have some good camera karma Elise.
I'm relieved and happy for ya.
The person who found it and turned it in deserves a similar karmic reward.
One thing you should know about orgies, (so I've heard.)
It's important to pace yourself.
On second thought, just go crazy!

on Tuesday, June 14th, Elise said


The very definition of orgy is: "A revel involving *unrestrained* indulgence in an activity."

No pacing allowed!

A friend of mine here at work who is a *real* phtographer took a hike this past weekend and took some photos that would make excellent backdrops for my paintings. He told me where he took them and I'm dying to get up there myself...also, I plan to take some shots of the changes I've been making to my paintings, only now I'm afraid you'll all say, "oh god, they looked better before"...

on Tuesday, June 14th, subi said

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOO happy for you! I remember about the purse...wasn't your hand-knit hat never found? :plain:

on Wednesday, June 15th, Elise said

I can't believe you remember that! Yes, it was the cutest hat too...light blue, I *loved* that hat. Freakin hippies...
I can't for the life of me remember the name of that coffee house. I wonder if they're still open or not...

Anyway, the woman from Fred Myers never called me back. I left her 3, I don't have the camera back yet...I just keep thinking of that missing purse incident and hoping it doesn't happen again...

If I do get the camera back, I'll never take it for granted again!

on Wednesday, June 15th, subi said

Quipqugiak....tho i know the spelling is very wrong... if I remember Anchorage correctly I doubt there still open, but it would be cool if they were! Remember 'the underground', then it became' the wave', then 'the silly rabbit'....any others you remember? oh and the java joint! if I were you I would GO TO THE FM..asap! .the camera is sure to be in the office somewhere safe...

on Wednesday, June 15th, Elise said

God, your memory is so much better than mine. You're right, it was the Qupqugiaq Inn and Cafe (based on the Alaska Native myth of the polar bear with 10 legs), click on the link for photos, it has one from inside the cafe, it hasn't changed at all...they have some interesting ideas, a school called Huzanity, I read a bit on their site and it actually seems pretty cool. I shouldn't have been ragging on it, I used to love hanging out there before they stole my hat!

I still have fond memories of Irish dancing there one time with Alex.

on Thursday, June 16th, subi said

wow, that's great that their still open-- you know my memory is funny, for some reason the part of my brain that remember the things I have done or experienced, even literature and every single word to every song of Joni Mitchell, fails me when I am say trying to learn German, or the many failed years of math! :cry: how's Alex? do you still keep i ntouch?

on Thursday, June 16th, Elise said

You know, I haven't spoken with him in awhile. He called a couple months ago...he was still in Anchorage (flying bigger planes now I think), he left a message at my house and then called me the next day at work.

He caught me at a bad time, I was late for something and was kindof annoyed with him cuz I'd emailed him several times and he hadn't I'm afraid I was a bit of a cold be-och to him. Haven't heard from him since. I actually plan to call him and hopefully make-up sometime soon. I miss him. You know how much I hate making phone calls...Alex is pretty laid back though, I doubt he'd hold a grudge.