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06/15/2005: "Eagle crashes through window"

Here is an interesting story from our local happened in Ketchikan, which is another little town here in Southeast Alaska where UAS has a campus.

Eagle crashes through window, drops lunch

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on Thursday, June 16th, Markus Barca said

Ahhh, yeah. That happens all the time. The homeowners must have been using Windex. :rolleyes:

on Thursday, June 16th, Elise said

What amazed me is that the eagle survived it unscathed.

My windows have a lovely film of salty sea spray, I just leave it because when I clean them, I start to hear the thump thump of pine siskines flying into the windows. I'd rather have dirty windows!

on Thursday, June 16th, RR said

Hey Elise, I'm still worried about your camera - did I miss something? Did you get it back?

on Thursday, June 16th, RR said

Oh, and the Eagle story is great :)

on Thursday, June 16th, Elise said

Oh, sorry bout that RR, I actually *did* get the camera back! I went to the store yesterday afternoon and they gave it to and it wasn't damaged in any way. They said that a customer had found it in a basket outside in the garden center (where I haven't been since the start of summer) and turned it into the Customer Service center. Now I've written down the serial number, put my name and phone number on the camera and in the, I'm carrying it inside the bag I take with me everywhere so there will be little risk of leaving it in the car or elsewhere.

Thanks for asking.

I want to post some pictures of the changes I've made but I'm afraid that people will think the paintings look worse now than when I started. I know I can't worry about what others think, but the truth is that I'm no so sure myself.